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Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by casablanca, Aug 23, 2007.

  1. casablanca

    casablanca Guest

    Just how bad is rugby 08? Not taking into account the mods that can be made to it, the game is really really bad in my view, but there must be something more to it because I'm still playing it and it's fun.

    The rosters, large parts of gameplay and quite importantly THE RULES of rugby are just so soo inaccurate in most parts of the game. The unlockables/challenges are a good feature, but they're screwed up the tournaments, and stupid things like display screens and scrolling through rosters are tedious. It is still fun to play though and I'm not too sure why. So just to clarify, this is a crap game right?
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  3. jsp_clarke

    jsp_clarke Guest

    I've given up and gone back to 06 it's that annoying...
  4. Yeungy

    Yeungy Guest

    I'm still playing and probably will keep on playing. The thing that annoys me the most is the level of difficulty (easy), but you can sort of change that by setting your own rules, etc.
  5. Rockstar

    Rockstar Guest

    A good way to make the game a lot more challenging is to:

    1) Never kick - don't kick for touch even if you're on your own goal line...try run it out.

    2) When you have a penalty and kicking for touch - dont aim for the oppositions 5m line, aim for the 22m line so its a bit more realistic.

    3) Decrease the amount of penalties and knock ons in the game settings

    4) When you're given a penalty - don't always kick for goals or touch - take a scrum and run the ball.

    Thats all that I've been able to do in order to make the game more challenging.

    For EA NHL games, there's a website where guys have written mods and made the game a lot more difficult and challenging.......so there must be a way to write a mod and increase the difficulty in Rugby 08.

    Rock on!
  6. i would never go back to 06! even though 08 is not a massive improvement, it still is an improvement.

    you're right casablanca the rosters are so bad its beyond belief, almost as if they had a deadline and thought 'well, we've improved the camera and some other features, lets just sell it and hope they don't notice'

    and another thing that bugs me is the challange matches have the current rosters and i wish they could have just put some players with slightly wrong names i.e lamo lomu and the challenge matches on WCR, so it would be a bit more realistic and not just trying to achieve some random feat with a different player than it actually was with.

    but apart from that the game is good! :)


    Maybe we should wait for Woosah to see if he can make a default roster for the challenge matches just like he made with the World Legue.. 08 Not that bad when the new editor is up I think the game would be lot more fun thou...
  8. woosaah

    woosaah Guest

    yeah you will have to wait for ozzy to do his next roster, i am sure he will make a default one at the same time. I have fixed that part anyway.
  9. jimmy44

    jimmy44 Guest

    Its not a bad game, its just not great - I find I really enjoyed it for a few weeks but ultimately its too shallow and becomes repetative. Its a product if the game being made for the masses - it doesn't have the depth in gameplay or features to keep a rugby nut such as myself going for any length of time. I would love to see a rugby simulation game, with every aspect of the game represented. Never going to happen I know!
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