Kelleher signs two-year Agen deal - report

Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by Sw1fty, Mar 15, 2007.

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    All Black halfback Byron Kelleher has reportedly signed a two year contract with French Top 14 club Agen, commencing after this year's World Cup.

    The club said that Kelleher had confirmed by telephone that he would join the side, AFP reported today.

    Kelleher, 30, comes off contract with the New Zealand Rugby Union at the end of this year.

    Earlier this week a newspaper linked him and other All Blacks Nick Evans and Anton Oliver with the rich club in France, which it said was prepared to pay up to $630,000 a year to leading New Zealand players.

    The story said Kelleher had already signed a contract conditional on the signing of other All Blacks.
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  3. esoj

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  4. Juggernaut

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    Good move for Kelleher. He's getting old and with the amount of young halfs coming up, this RWC may indeed be his last campaign.
  5. melon

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    Top stuff! A well deserved retirment cheque for a tremendous player and AB stalwart
  6. esoj

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    good move I think. weepu and others are becoming serious challengers to his spot. he also proabbly only has a few years left in him anyway so might as well make some money before he retires.
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