Kelvin Deaker Retires from Reffing

Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by -JJ-, Nov 11, 2008.

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    Kelvin Deaker (NZ) has retired from refereeing. Kinda sad for me, he was beginning to be the referee I want to base myself on, great guy. He joins Paul Honiss and Lydon Bray in being top NZ refs that have retired this year. We're going to need some others to step up pretty quickly, especially as Steve Walsh seems to have ongoing injury problems.

    I met Kelvin Deaker a couple of times this year, the first time I was running water for him at Waikato v Tasman. I was introduced to him as "Bobby Bushay" (sp?) - the name of the waterboy from the movie "The Waterboy". Kelvin says, "Nice to meet you Bobby" (or something similar).
    I reply, "Thanks, the real name's Jeremy by the way, haha".
    Kelvin: "Ah ok, I think I'll stick with Bobby."

    Anyway, the game begins and every time I run the water on you can hear Kelvin on the audio track, "Thanks Bobby!", always said with a big smile across his face. The last time I run water out for him he did say "Thanks Jeremy."
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