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Kelvin MacKenzie on the BBC...what's that all about



The BBC is our organisation...And yet the beeb seems to be letting that sh*thouse into it's in-crowd.

Not happy.

Kopites may be gobsh*tes but I'm shoulder to shoulder with them on this one. His paper twisted the knife into a city sick with grief by printing a pack of lies.


For those who don't know what I'm talking about.

Anyone who feels similarly to me, you know what to do :

Last night on Question Time, there was almost a breakthrough. Almost. That gobshite liar, Kelvin McKenzie, almost admitted he was totally incorrect after the Hillsborough disaster. He admitted he acted on "something he had been told" but still refused to apologise.


I actually think he's now trying to trade on the fact that he's been derided for it but refuses to apologise.

The fat, detestable wretch
There are loads of idiots and pricks on the BBC who I object to being paid a part (however small or large) of my license fee to. They are:

*Kelvin McKenzie: even though I'm a southerner and the half of my family that does come from Liverpool are staunchly Everton, an attack on one is an attack on all I'm afraid, especially when its as poorly researched, thought out and executed as The Scum. One word: c*nt.

*Michael Johnson: I don't care how many f***ing gold medals he's won for Team USA, I object to having some arrogant and stuck up ponce coming on BBC Sport being a 'pundit' and spending most of the time telling us why we're **** at everything rather than contributing any decent points or facts. It'd be akin to having ME as "expert England pundit" for the BBC's Rugby coverage essentially.

I think someone needs to tell the head of BBC Sport that the BBC stands for the British Broadcasting Corporation. When I was in Scotland, even though all of the BBC Scotland Sport presenters were duller than ME after half a pint of VB, they backed Scotland to the hilt and they didn't allow for any foreign idiots to come on and say "harr harr harr Scotland are gonna get bum raped! lol!" So why exactly do we let this happen in English and British sport coverage generally?
Jenni Murray on Radio 4
: Uses outdated and obselete program "Womens Hour" as her own little soapbox to rail against men, males, masculinity, jobs that quite frankly only men could do and men in general...did I mention men? Nothing against her personally but I object to the BBC wasting an hour on Radio 4 towards outdated millitant feminism.

*Jeremy Paxman: I object to having some arrogant jumped up loud mouthed and condescending idiot posing as an "interviewer." Interviewer?! Bloody foul mouthed and needlessly aggressive interrogator more like! Did Robin Day have to yell shout and be angry at his interviewees? NO! He just used his mastery of the English language to make politicians look like the fools they were. Especially with John Nott.

*Anyone who they have to pay Millions to keep on the screen: Now I like Johnathan Ross. Good DJ, hilarious comedian and he loves Japanese Anime (something close to my heart). But is he worth millions? NO. Tell him to sling his hook and go ruin his career on ITV or something instead then watch him come crawling back like Des Lynham for a fraction of what they were once worth.

They are just a few of the idots, pompus pricks and general ignorant gobshites who make me turn off of the BBC.
Actually, I knew who I forgot to mention:

*Female sports presenters who get put in because they're female and not because they know anything about the sport: Now, I'm all for anyone to present a sports program, as long as they know what they're talking about.

If they're just there, reading off of a clipboard because they know naff all about what they're trying to cover in the broadcast and the only reason why they're there is to satisfy the equality requirements laid down by the producer then that is by definition a waste of cash.

The BBC keep trying it on with the rugby coverage, occassionally trying to shoe in some female presenter or women at the touch line, neither of them have a clue about Rugby by the looks of it (or at best have a knowledge on par with that of John Inverdale) in some desperate attempt to make BBC Sport Rugby coverage as dumbed down and un informative pile of gumf possible.

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