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Discussion in 'The Clubhouse Bar' started by King_D'Arcy, May 29, 2010.

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    1. Best General Poster: Bullit
    2. Best Northern Hemisphere Poster: dullonien
    3. Best Southern Hemisphere Poster: nickdnz
    4. Best League Poster: St. Helen's
    5. Most Improved Member: feicarsinn
    6. Most Underrated: snoopy snoopy dogg dogg
    7. Best Video Games Poster: Intercept King JDV
    8. The Jason Robinson award for most knowledgeable poster of both codes: Cymro
    9. The "Comedy Genius" award for funniest poster: Olyy
    10. The Stephen Fry award for cleverest member: Prestwick
    11. The Dubya award for least gramatically able member: lynam1104
    12. The Edmund Blackadder Award for the most quotable member: feicarsinn
    13. The Best Newcomer: Lucky Number 7
    14. Best Signature: Bullitt
    15. Best Avatar: MunsterMan
    16. Best Thread: Rugby-Players-Facebook-Statuses
    17. Best Staff Member: An Tarbh

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