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Kit number fonts


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Sep 28, 2013
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South Africa

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Natal Sharks

If anyone know the different brand kit number fonts like Canterbury,Maxed, Nike & Adidas please let me know, and also the font names for the teams that doesn't use brands or different fonts
thanks a lot fred looks like we are the only two willing to share things on TRF
Hey, I recently downloaded the Rugby 08 SA Edition 2013 mod and I think it’s really good, but my players skin colour isn't right. I’m currently using the v4 roster. My JP Pietersen has a black body but his face is white, Jean de Villiers is black, some of the players like F.du Preez has bright orange hair. The players in the game doesn't relate to to the real players. All the players are wrong, every single player.
wtf, he has posted it like 10 times on different threads, how is that not spam, its the same message