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Kukri tight fit jerseys



Im ordering a set of kukri tight fit jerseys for my team but not too sure about the sizes.
would people recommend that i order a size up coz its tight fitting or jus go with the normal sizes?
Just go normal sizes. If you want tight fitting jerseys, then buy the correct size, not the size up because then they wouldn't be as tight as they're supposed to be.
Our club is supplied by Kukri and the jerseys are very tight. The front 5 jerserys are normal (hooker is a little tight but I think that's maybe cause it's a size too small for me) but the rest of the shirts are tight as ****. I mean our the majority of our backs struggle to get in and out of the shirts. Kukri's shirts aren't too bad apart from that though, so just get the normal sizes. Just remember, you'll need a hand in getting them off after games though.
Are they cotton or synthetic?

I went on a tour to Australia last year and everyone had their own tight shirt. The majority were smalls.. this was an U18 1st XV team... and they all fitted, but we had to be peeled off afterwards.

So as was said above, they will be fine, just make sure they peel each other off afterwards!!

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