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lara not playing one dayers

Good to see that he will only be reducing it though so it's likely that he'll play in the world cup and some ODIs in the buildup, maybe the Champions Trophy in India?
yeah but i wont c him play

ill have to go to the test now
Its dissapointing not to see him come alot of people would of come to see him play.
Originally posted by woosaah@Jan 24 2006, 01:16 PM
well he is one of the best players in world cricket
yeah exactly which means crowds will flock to see him play and for that reason i reckon a few people will not show up.
Yea they definetly will lose a good amount of spectators...Lara being the last player from the good old days of Windies cricket, though itll most likely bring alot more people to the tests to see him play.

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