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Launch of RC 2006 - Trev did this happen yesterday



Trev - reading the Metro this morning , Josh Lewsey is quoted on all sorts of Dallaglio comeback rubbish , the paper says he was talking at the launch of a new computer game , was this for RC 2006 ?
I have no idea ...

It might have been, although I suspect I would have known if it was in the UK.
I was going to ask exactly the same thing after reading the Metro this morning. It quoted Lewsey at the launch event for the new Rugby 2006 computer game at a London hotel. It's too early for Rugby 2006, and he IS on the cover of Rugby Challenge 2006, so can't see what else he could have been promoting?
Originally posted by Air Ben@Jan 12 2006, 09:14 PM
And, of all people to promote the game it had to be JL...

Why does Lewsey and not another player promoting the game have any significance at all?
Well, it could of been someone who actually plays well. Could of been Cohen instead...

Thats not a one-sided biast opinion at all!
i HATE cohen


but only because on the other game (not naming it in the forum) that the comentator would call him co-hen it just sounded weird.

sorry back on topic...

i have nothing to say
I remember on rugby 2*04 it had the same name for a S African.

It started to get confusing really.
that was louis koen - sort of pronounced 'koon' but don't stress the 'oo'.

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