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Hey, now before I start on this, I understand some refs totally call differently when it comes to certain laws, but i've noticed some of the laws that aren't inforced at cetrain times during games.

Now I ask these questions because i'm going to be taking some referee courses here in Canada, and I was wondering about some of these laws!

Law 15.7 (a)
Free Kick on the 15-metre line
This happens quite often; now, as a hooker this frustrates me a lot. Now do you call this as soon as it happens? Or play an advantage?

Anyways, those are the laws I am a bit "iffy" on, just wondering if any of you find these laws aren't inforced enough. Thanks.


You bring up some good points. Unfortunately very few laws in rugby are clear cut. The first one for example obviously overlaps with the law that states a player is allowed to play the ball if he's on his feet and onside. So unless that's the case, then yes a defending player can't get in the way of the pass off the ground (he'd be offside if he did anyway).

Law 16.2 (a) is one that they have enforced havily here in Britain over the last year or two. For a while ref's were way to harsh on players, who went off their feet by mistake (i.e. clearing a player out, and that player providing less resistance than expected). The way I always look at it is, if you take all other bodies away, a player jackling for the ball should still be on his feet. Therefore if he's resting his knees on another player etc. he's not legal. This rule probably could be enforced even more strictly, but I think it spoils the game if it is. Unless a player falls off his feed delibriately to block or slow down a ball, all if fine.

17.3 (a) should be enforced much more.

19.10 (f) is a law that is often enforced imo. It's just that the ref will only really award the free kick is it interfears with the lineout, otherwise he plays advantage (or at least tells the team to stop). It's a small thing, that unless it spoils the lineout, would be annoying to see blown up every time.

Ref's have a duty to keep the game flowing. That means ignoring some infringments if they don't interfere with the ball imo. The best ref's play plenty of advantage if possible, and encourages open play.

Not much help, I know. But just giving my opinions on those laws you've highlighted.