Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by Canadian_Rugby_Guy, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. So at the beginning of the season it's pretty cold here, and I figured it might be a good idea to find a pair of leggings to keep my legs warm. However, the only thing I've found so far is Under armour crap and it's like 50$. Anyone know any other brands readily available?
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  3. You get Canterbury armourfit ones.

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  4. Boy

    Boy Guest

    Dude, just be cold. It's a small price to pay for your dignity.
  5. stevemagoo

    stevemagoo Guest

    Don't buy leggings......for the love of pete! For training just wear a tracksuit and for matches wear cycling shorts - you'll be warm after 10 minutes of the match anyway.
  6. Symclaw

    Symclaw Guest

    get the leggings! dont listen to these willy faces!
  7. el_tk

    el_tk Guest

    Yeah leggings are for straight up homosexuals. Wear under-shorts and stop being such a pussy.
  8. Yeah well I have pretty stiff joints sometimes after a cold practice, I need something to keep my knees warm. So if not leggings, what?
  9. brooksey101

    brooksey101 Guest

    must play on the wing and not get the ball much!!!a pair of tracksuit bottoms!!
  10. el_tk

    el_tk Guest

    Wear undershorts and run around. Leggings! Honestly
  11. Lol. I didn't know it would attract such ferocious opposition. No leggings then.
  12. brooksey101

    brooksey101 Guest

    i was playing in snow last week and with a pair of inner shorts cotton shorts and a pair of socks i was nice and warm! :cheers:
  13. harrison2468

    harrison2468 Guest

    Stop waxing your legs and you will be just fine.
  14. Serge

    Serge Guest

    Don't listen to these potato chips. If you want some leggings get some leggings. Dan Carter and Aaron Mauger wear leggings to most trainings.
  15. The key feature being that they only wear them to training.

    Wear them in a match and it's just an extra incentive for your opposite number to crunch you, no matter where you play.
  16. DC

    DC Guest

    i wear leggings in training plus my track suit

    but you guys dont understand how cold it is up here

    we're talkin 10 fareinheit with below zero windchills, plus blustery snow and its cold as f***, its not 0 celcius like it is in england, its so cold here early on..

    get leggings if you want

    i only wear long sleeves no legging for me
  17. Black-Monday

    Black-Monday Guest

    We think we get it bad in britain with a bit of rain and shock horror 1 inch of 'snow'. When you hit the North of America it gets absolutely freezing, i have been once in winter to boston and never again. It was more than a bit chilly like we get up north.

    One question, does anyone else wear them, if not. You may be a bit of a trend setter. I do all the accessory combinations possible.

    Don't listen to un-coordinated rabble of props and locks. They may be aswell be wearing boxing gloves.

  18. I play hooker and I wore silver vapours once (normally the boots i wear for kicking a football around with mates but my rugby ones were nackered). I got a kicking - although I did score which ****** everyone off.
  19. cavan

    cavan Guest

    just wear tracksuit bottoms or wear shorts and pull yer socks up!
  20. dan carter also prances around in his underwear.
  21. Like I said, my main concern is simply my knees. I know that's a very vulnerable point the cold and I've got a top to keep the torso warm, I just need something to keep my knees warm. I'd only really wear them at training anyways, it's only the beginning of the season which is really cold, once games start, the weather is good.
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