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Leicester 9-10 Northampton



<div align="center">Northampton end Leicesters 30 Game unbeaten run at Home... And Now Northampton have given their relegation Battle a fresh bit of Hope....


I don't think there is an emoticon to describe my feelings after watching this match. That will have to do.

I'm looking down to be honest. Never mind Newcastle, we're 7 points clear of Worcester. With a game in hand.
well yeah thats true the results did go your way really to be honest...

Suprised there is no comment from teh mite... and is it me or isnt there that many Saints fans about now... this place used to have 6

and theres the comment
I think a result like that deserves something special

Speaking as a chap with affection for both clubs I am happy with the result but 'Stuffed' is stretching it a bit.
I think a result like that deserves something special


Dear Mr Mite,

I think I love you.

If I had a sister, you would be welcome to marry her any day of the week.

I may steal your video in future so i can cut it up and use moments in some sort of Saints compilation. Haven't done anything for ages and while we're on a high seems like a good time.
Knock yourself out, just don't steal the audio track.

And ARSECAKES! on you not having a sister!

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