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Leinster v Agen - Pool 2


An Tarbh

Well in the series of final games at Lansdowne Rd this is the last Heineken Cup game to be played at the famous venue and in all seriousness Leinster will be wanting to sign off with a decent victory against the pool leaders, they only had themselves to blame for the defeat in Edinburgh and need to get their campaign back on track. Not an easy task given the Agen were so comprehensive in their win at Kingsholm so Lansdowne Rd won't be a daunting prospect either.

With Contepomi missing there are some doubts over the Leinster backline but if Warner keeps things simple then he should still be able to get the backline moving. Should be a home win but can't take it for granted given the first 2 performances of Agen.
Never mind that but what about Gleeson's hit early doors on Caucau, awesome.
They missed at least half their kicks, if not more. They would've destroyed Agen if he was playing.
but we still came away with the bonus point, I know we'll struggle next week but we're more than capable of winning in Agen, there's a chance then that Conters will be back for the last 2 games which should be a bp win home to the Gunners and given our record in England we're more than capable of winning at Kingsholm.
Will be interesting to see whether Miquel is cited next week for his foot trip on Hickie, should be gone for next week, but I doubt anything will come of it.
dunne isnt to bad of a kicker leinster shouldnt have lost their faith in him so quickly on a blustery night in ravenhill
Dunne's a brutal kicker, plus he's not as good a flyhalf as Warner is, obviously we need a better replacement but if Kearney was in decent form we wouldn't have this problem, it might be worth starting him next week purely for his goal kicking.
bit of a step up though, playing for Quins in the challenge cup to playing for Leinster in the HEC, he's not up to this level.
very true, they should pursue mcalister!

but that'd cause problems when Felipe comes back
Felipe will be back in January and McAlister wouldn't be moving till after the world cup. I think we could accomodate him alright, would probably play inside centre, with D'Arse maybe playing fb should Girv retire after the RWC. Although I see no reason why McAlister couldn't play at fb either.

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