Leinster v Edinburgh - Pool 2

Discussion in 'European Champions & Challenge Cup' started by An Tarbh, Jan 10, 2007.

  1. An Tarbh

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    Should results go their way on Friday in Agen, Leinster could well seal their qualification with a win against Edinburgh on Saturday at Donnybrook. It'll be Leinster's first HEC game at the venue in 4 years following the last number of seasons at Lansdowne Rd and the RDS where we'll be back next season.

    As for the game itself, Leinster have had a reasonable Christmas period cutting the gap on Ulster from 7 points down to 2 and putting themselves in a much stronger position re the Welsh teams as well.

    Edinburgh have gone off the boil slightly following their HEC win against Leinster back in October but will take confidence from their win against the Scarlets last week despite it being a scrappy enough affair. Blair will be a loss but Edinburgh certainly won't fear this Leinster outfit, who will be well up for revenge, having beaten them on so many occasions. Should be quite an open affair with Contepomi hitting some decent form against the Ospreys and Kearney coming back to form was quite the bonus with Dempsey still out.
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  3. Should be another good match I think. With home advantage, I would think Leinster will just win it. It's not impossible that Edinburgh will win it though, and I would like to see that but seeing as we're out of the tournament, the performance is more important.
  4. An Tarbh

    An Tarbh Guest

    Brian O'Driscoll has been ruled out of tomorow's match with an injury, nothing more than that coming from Leinster but Cheika has said he'll be fine for the Gloucester game.

    Kieran Lewis comes into the side instead of him with Shane Horgan returning on the wing having been rested for the Ospreys match.

    Contepomi will captain the side.
  5. An Tarbh

    An Tarbh Guest

    Solid performance from Leinster, D'Arcy yet again proving that he's the best centre in the Northern Hemisphere, some nice finishing from Horgan for his hat trick. Kearney really getting back to his best, Dr Phil, well we don't need to keep lamenting these great performances, it's just par for the course. Some good displays from the forwards, Hogan having his best game to date for Leinster, some dominant rolling mauls.

    Not sure what difference it'll make to Leinster where we qualify in the seedings seeing as we won't have a home draw, provided we finish above 6th spot then we should be alright in the quarters.

    Looking at the way it's shaping up, we're looking at a possible match with Munster or a tie with Paris or the Ospreys.
  6. Typical Embra away H Cup form, absolute pants. Leinster were amense, can't take that away from them but we need to work on alot.
  7. DC

    DC Guest

    Darce is the second best, or tied for the first best, that one being... one Brian O'driscoll.. thats what i wanted, and predicted to see in the first match at murrayfield

    man im feeling really confident, about Ireland and Leinster.. our midfield i believe is by far the best in the northern and southern hemisphere, if you can name a better 12 and 13 be my guest.
  8. shtove

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    Yeah, BOD trumps Darcy - but the point is that BOD + Darcy = Lock up your Daughters.

    Wasn't impressed with Leinster. Anyone agree that it wasn't a real contest or spectacle? The Blues forwards don't create a rhythm - it's all about disruption and jumping on loose balls after the opposition has stolen it from Leinster's underpowered rucks. And without rhythm, the HEC is beyond them.

    Leinster support in the stands is pathetic compared to Munster's.

    Kearney scored brilliantly early on, but after that he was average - just a winger. Whittaker is a bag of nuts - mostly good, but the rotten ones spoil everything.

    Contepomi fired off one of his Arriba! passes just before half time, which gave surging possession to Edinburgh. He should have been trying to get to the whistle with the lead intact.

    Is Shaggy trying to kill innocent wing-forwards with his bullet passing? Brilliant - I hope he succeeds. But he came off the wing in defence and gave away a try. He's the best "bad" back in the world.

    Edinburgh's second try wouldn't have happened with BOD on the field.

    Leinster's backs are as good as anything in the world, but the pack are incapable of the HEC. Look to a team like Llanelli to put them out at the semis - limited but committed, and smart enough to pick off superior players.
  9. An Tarbh

    An Tarbh Guest

    Yeah it had a touch of the anti climax about it but that was always going to be the case, the defeat in Edinburgh stung them big time so they weren't going to screw this one up.

    Ah yes we're just a bunch of bandwaggon supporters who only follow the team in good times and don't bother going to regular league matches ... oh wait :rolleyes:

    Kearney is getting back to his best, which considering the form he was in prior to Christmas is a pretty remarkable turnaround. You're right though about Whitaker, he's ridiculously pedestrian around the rucks and has no pace whatsoever.

    It'll only be Munster that knock Leinster out of the HEC this season, there's no fear of the other teams from a Leinster point of view but when we play Munster and there's a sea of red in the crowd the Leinster team will just freeze like they did last April.
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