Leipzig Games Convention 2008

Discussion in 'General Gaming Chat' started by Zonerunner, Aug 20, 2008.

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    I wouldnt go expecting this topic to be as big as the E3 one. Mostly because Sony is the only one of the big 3 participating in a conference this year, much like last year. Fortunately, this year brings less Ken Kutaragi talking about how awesome he is (probably because he no longer works at Sony) and more, y'know, announcements. Good announcements? Weeeeeell...
    • New PSP in October
      Revision #3: This time with a "more vibrant LCD screen" and an in-built microphone! And probably even more anti-custom firmware measures. 15th October in Europe for 199 Euros, in a choice of eight bundles (FIFA, Harry Potter, Buzz, Go! Communications and presumably some others). And as a result, the slim and lite model will become 169 Euros for "a limited period of time". Too bad you cant do that with your PS3's eh?
    • 80Gb PS3 model launches early; new 160Gb model announced
      The E3-announced 80Gb PS3 will launch in Europe this Friday as opposed to next week as originally planned (although Australia and New Zeland only get the new model on the 28th), priced 399 Euros. And on October 31st, they'll be launching a 160Gb model for 449 Euros with 70 Euros of additional downloadable content "to be announced closer to the release date". Great Sony. How about a, y'know, price cut?!?
    • Wireless Keypad for PS3
      Which totally doesnt look like the 360's chatpad. Completely different. Uh huh. No release date.
    • VidZone announced
      Some sort of free service to offer "easy access to music on demand". You'll be able to build your own music library and download ringtones for your mobile phone "for a very small fee". I wont pretend to understand it, though I do know it is completely seperate to the video store that was announced at E3, which is still coming to Europe.
    • New SingStar products
      SingStar Vol. 3 and SingStar Disney announced, plus the ability to play your PS2 SingStar discs on the PS3. Which is really what they should have done from the beginning. They'll also be doing 5 song "packs", which I assume is similar to the setup Guitar Hero has been using for so long.
    • EyePet revealed
      Looks like some sort of cross between Nintendogs (except without, y'know, dogs), and... Mario Paint? I dunno. Some kid drew a car, the weird monkey thingy coloured it in game, and casual gamer dad pressed a button on the gamepad to make the car 3D. I am assuming psychotropic drugs were used heavily in the production of this title.
    All in all, Sony's conference this year was weird. And you've just wasted 10 minutes of your life reading about it.
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  3. Jer1cho

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    I wish i could go to these things. :( Oh well. Our premier gaming expo is called rAge. I already have my tickets for the 1800 man LAN, and will be participating in DotA, and Trackmania Nations. Man i can't wait. :)
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  5. Goth Power

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    The new controller will register 32 directions on the D-Pad instead of 4, and will only be available in Europe, Asia, and Latin America...for a limited time...is it worth it?

    It would be if your a PES fan, it was made especially for PES...why?
  6. esoj

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  7. BLR

    BLR Guest

    Also a new 360 controller is being bundled with Pro Evo 2009. I think it's only in Europe, Asia and North America though. The D-Pad can now register 32 different directions instead of 4 directions, however it's a limited time only.
  8. Merged into the Leizip thread. :)
  9. Zonerunner

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    I bring forth more NEWS from the kerazy world of Germany!
    • Star Ocean 1 for PSP in October; Chrono Trigger early 2009 in Europe
      No specific dates for either of them, but this will be the first time either of these titles will have ever been released in Europe. About time.
    • Buzz! The Brain Training Quiz
      Sony have also announced a new PSP entry into the Buzz series that seems to be taking quite a few cues from the infinite pile of brain training games that glut the market recently. They expect to get it out for Christmas.
    • GTI+ Club for Playstation Network
      It's a Konami arcade game from 1996. I've never heard of it. I have however heard of Sumo Digital, who did the OutRun2 port on the Xbox, which was nothing short of brilliant. They also did the sublime Sega Superstars Tennis, so I expect this to be an entertaining romp when its released in November.
    • Bully for PC
      It looks like Bully is headed to the PC alongside GTA at some point, although I know literally nothing else about it. I assume it'll be based of the 360 code. Maybe this time they can make it so you can 100% it.
    Also, it looks like Avatars will be a mandatory step when you first get your new Xbox dashboard, but if you never want to use it, you can just pick a randomly generated character and never bother with it ever again.

    Also, I have heard about this new 360 controller. The way Microsoft worded it was vague admittedly, but it could just mean the limited edition applies to the green controller, not the new updated d-pad. As it was designed for Street Fighter IV as well, if nothing else itd have to appear again there, and that isnt due till Spring next year.
  10. But why the limited time?
  11. C A Iversen

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    Opening article was amazingly pro-sony. Well done!
  12. esoj

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    ok bumping this because of a possible gem of a game has suddenly come to light. it's believed to be currently in the process of being pitched to thq and probably wasn't meant to get on the internet but anyway it is. game is supposedly called warhammer 40,000 space marine. it's a third/first person shooter where you play as a space marine. anyway could be one to watch maybe if thq pick it up.
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