lets all laugh at manly

Discussion in 'NRL / Southern Hemisphere' started by redunderthebed, Apr 10, 2008.

  1. :lol:

    The ad
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  3. BLR

    BLR Guest

    Bloody hell, by the sounds of the article both teams are acting like children....
  4. O'Rothlain

    O'Rothlain Guest

    That ad is awesome! Wish I'd had come up with it.

  5. Being sarcastic are we? :rolleyes:
  6. I think that's pretty funny. The best answer that Manly can come up with by the way, is to give the Storm a good thumping.
  7. nick_w

    nick_w Guest

    Bit of a storm in a tea cup isn't it. Doth thy hand bags Mayer and Waldron!
  8. Funny you should say that.

    storm 26
    Manly 4

    :cheers: :bana:
  9. tommowins

    tommowins Guest

    that ad is classic. I think in the battle (pre-game and game) woMANLY came off second best
  10. FulllBack

    FulllBack Guest

    hahahahahahahahaha i like it. Simple but funny. woMANLY....

    Storm musthave been confident to do somthing like that ayye cause if they got beaten it would make them look stupid
  11. hellteam

    hellteam Guest

    hilarious ad. makes it even more funny that they did play like women that night. i was at the game and there was a female many supporter in front of me, and when they were continuously getting scored against, she started crying !
  12. Nat

    Nat Guest

    Manly are all cats...if you support them you need your head read! North Sydney Bears should be in the NRL! I believe that foundation teams should make it over suspect teams from 1947.
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