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Maastricht is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in The Netherlands. Situated in the Southern part of The Netherlands, close to the German and Belgium border, it has many international influences. The Burgundian lifestyle can be experienced throughout the city. One can find many restaurants and bars, uniquely situated on the bank of the river "Meuse" in the historic city. Since 1978 Maastricht has had a rugby club, which currently is on top of the second division in the Dutch League.

After an absence of many years the Maastricht Maraboes Rugby is pleased to invite you for a two-day international 15-a-side Easter tournament on the 7th and 8th of April 2007. With a selection of 16 teams from the United Kingdom, Germany, France and the Netherlands it will be an event long to remember. One can subscribe for Є 150,00 per team and we will provide you with use of changing rooms, lunch for the teams, a party at the tournament location on Saturday night, and a guide for the weekend. Moreover, each team will be provided with a tournament ball.

For subscriptions or more information, please contact us trough our email [email protected]. For more information on the beautiful city of Maastricht and possible hotels, check our website www.easterrugbymaastricht.com or contact us through email. We will be pleased to provide you with information.

(The Hompage is not ready yet, however if you contact us via mail we will be happy to help you!!)
Looks really nice, I'll look onto it and see if we can get economical support from the federation.... If you're accepting teams from Turkey, of course. :)

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