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"The BBC is one of this country's greatest institutions"[/i] Discuss.

I'd have to say yes. I pay for satelite radio almost exclusively to listen to BBC Radio1...it's a great format. If you disagree, come and be forced to listen to American Radio. The whole concept of playing new music and actually having shows instead of a stream of mindless djs (who are now actually just being replaced by computers with pre-recorded generic dj voice) playing "top 40" (which actually ends up being top 10).
Zane Lowe, Annie Mac, Pete Tong, Colin Murray all great dj's with brilliant shows.
We have a channel on satelite and cable here called BBC America, which shows (more or less) the bigger shows from the BBC. Robin Hood is a brilliant series. I wish, though, they'd put back on TOTP and Eastenders...I guess not enough Americans were into them. They use to do the Eastenders OmniBus every saturday (we were like a month or so behind you) and my wife and I would sit and watch it before we went out.
For someone like me who is so "anti-english" i'm a bit of a Britophile.
God Bless ya, BBC.


Oh well ruin it for all of us!

Sorry, i thought wtih Teh Mite telling me to google it i just read what the bbc had written.
I thought it was common knowledge if it was on the bbc website.


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