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Discussion in 'All Other Sports' started by guiguiom, Aug 6, 2007.

  1. guiguiom

    guiguiom Guest

    Hello, Do you likethe french football, the Ligue 1.
    We can talk about about it in this topic if you want.
    If not, we can close
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  3. Juggernaut

    Juggernaut Guest

    Sorry mate. Not much coverage down here for us to make any comments.

    But I'll tell you who I support............PSG all the way... :bana:
  4. Brodizzle

    Brodizzle Guest

    I decided to go for Marseille for no particular reason.....the French League is probably my least cared about to be honest...
  5. nam97

    nam97 Guest

    Yes I do like Ligue 1, although we don't get much coverage down here. My favourite team is Olympique Lyonnais as they have my favourite player Juninho Pernambucano.
    Too bad they are losing their good players such as Malouda, Abidal etc...
  6. Allez l'OM, malgé leur mauvais match, sinon, aux chiottes le PSG.

    OM are the most popular club in France.

    The problem in Ligue 1, the aren't but :lol:
  7. guiguiom

    guiguiom Guest

    I support also l'OM.
    OL is a very good team who have lost great player, but nom they have also new great player like Keita,Bodmer ( I think he will be in French selection soon), Grosso.And Benzema, Kallstrom,Toulalan,and,why not,Ben Arfa will be better than last year
  8. ben...07

    ben...07 Guest

    Lyon will certainly win the Ligue 1 this year too it's boring...
  9. Karthago

    Karthago Guest

    Toulouse beat lyon today 1-0 the swedish striker Elmander scored the unique goal
  10. Karthago

    Karthago Guest

    Sochaux-Le Mans=1-3 goals:Birsa for Sochaux and De Melo hat trick for Le Mans
    St.Etienne-Valenciennes=3-1 Gomis and feindouno(2) and Audel for the visitors
    Nice-Strasbourg=1-0 Hogon

    Nancy-Caen=1-0 scored by Carlos Kim
    Toulouse-Lyon 1-0 Elmander
  11. bapt

    bapt Guest

    PSG over all!!! :D

    Have you seen PSG-Valencia at the Emirates Cup?
  12. poupou56

    poupou56 Guest

    my favorite team is Fc Lorient ( I'm in lorient !!!)

    it's a very good team with players who are not stars. this one plays a beautiful game.

    i would like that Lorient finishes in the Ranking first part.
  13. Benny Foz

    Benny Foz Guest

    I'm a Nancy boy. :eek:
  14. bapt

    bapt Guest

    In french league you can find young stars as in portuguese league.
    By the way english teams love french young stars like Sinama-Pongolle, Le Tallec, N'Zogbia, Pericard...
  15. Benny Foz

    Benny Foz Guest

    Don't forget Adel Taarabt. Potentially one of the finds of the season. If Jol has the ******** to play him that is.

    Looking forward to seeing Younes Kaboul aswell.
  16. pkar

    pkar Guest

    I don't like French football at all. I like only Auxerre (because there play Ireneusz Jeleń :p ) and maybe Lyon, Marseille, PSG, St Ettienne, Nice because they have great ultras.
  17. davidskrela

    davidskrela Guest

    I love Ligue 1, and I support Olympique Lyonnais!
    Qui ne saute pas n'est pas lyonnais!!
    So bye! =]
  18. poupou56

    poupou56 Guest

    j'espère que le championnat sera passionnant.

    et je souhaite aussi que lyon se fasse davantage bouger par d'autres équipes comme Marseille ou Lorient ( pourquoi pas ???)
  19. davidskrela

    davidskrela Guest

    Lyon is certainly going to win, but there is a lot of problem before the end of the mercato :s ...
    Cris : 6/8 months infirmery
    Coupet : 4 months
    Fred : 3 months and he would leave OL...

    Aie Aie Aie....
  20. mario66

    mario66 Guest

    Do you think any of the non "big" clubs (marseille, lyon, bordeaux, paris, lens) can become the new french champions at the end of this season?
  21. dobbin252

    dobbin252 Guest

    No I don't but I think out of the non big clubs it will be Toulouse (my team :p ) who will come closest to Lyon. We have good palyers like Elmander and Mathieu.
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