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Lily Allen is Preggers




Lily Allen is following the footsteps of two other celebs (Jessica Alba and Britney's little sis Jamie-Lynn [okay maybe she's not a "celeb"]) and has announced that she's pregnant. Really? Really? Sex without condoms leads to pregnancy???? I just thought all that talk was nonsense. Apparently now we realise that they were telling us the truth. So, gentlemen, suit up.
Who's the culprit? Ed Simmons of The Chemical Brothers. "Oh my God What Have I Done? Do It Again!" At least he makes cool music. I guess I'm personally frustrated because I had this thing for Lily.
What's funny is the tabloids are all saying "but she'll have to lay off the fags." That has me, being American, laughing, because I'm thinking to myself, if she's pregnant she obviously hasn't been on the fags. Anyway, still, duh, thank you tabloid magazine for warning pregnant women everywhere that smoking may danger you pregnancy...I think you're like 20 years late on that one.
So, there you have it. A Christmas Miracle!

As always, II'm on top of the world of gossip...
Comments below.
Well all I can say is that I would hate to be Ed Simmons, having to tell the sheriff of Nottingham that he has got his daughter pregnant...
Nicole richie is also pregnant, has been for some time now.



I do hope they don't start a trend :s
Call me a linguistic puritan, but I don't find that word 'the ****'.

Seeing it three times in a topic ***le pains me greatly.

Seeing three topics, one on a pregnant girl that was already mentioned in a previous topic, all about the same topic (namely pregnant vamous women/girls) also seems like a waste of space.
yeah i swear to god that this is the rugby forum. not womens weekly. thats unless youve all started wearing skirts.
I don't see the point of the stupid word. It sounds queer, and it is not even an abbreviation - Pregnant and Preggars are both 8 letters.
Does anyone really give a flying ....?

Can one of the admin or owners please add preggers to the word filter and replace with something along the lines with "I should get a life?"
In terms of the sears girl, you can take the girl out of the trailer park but you can't take the trailer park out of the girl.

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