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Lionel Messi


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Nov 9, 2005
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St Helens
What a footballer this man is. He is the best in the world by a MILE at the moment. By a mile. A joy to watch, whether you support Barcelona or Bristol City.
If he follows up his performances for Barcelona by carrying his country to the World Cup (as Maradona did in 86 and Zidane did in 98), then he can be considered an all time great even at this early stage in his career. It's scary to think he's just 22. Best player I've ever seen since I can't remember Maradona in his pomp and wasn't born until Pele's career was already over.

Expect a £1billion offer from Man City during the summer!
I reckon they could offer him all the money in the world and he wouldn't leave.
Definitely. He's already the world's best player, best paid player, playing in the best team on the planet and living in a brilliant city like Barcelona. The only way is down if he leaves his current club. A startup club in a dump like Manchester can't compete.
He is a freak of nature!His ability to read the play is out of this world.

Things got "Messi" for Arsenal last night, thought Arsenal had a chance to maybe pull-off a victory after Bendtner's goal but then it turned into the "Messi Show", 21 minute hat-trick, fantastic stuff!

The game was a win-win situation for me, didn't matter which team won, one of my favorite Europe teams are now in the semi's, but would have been a bit nicer if the Gunners went through.
yeah after watching messi play the other night he is the only player i have seen with bergkamps vision and talent but messi has the pace the bergkamp never really had and i think the vision crossed with that pace really makes him the best inj the world at the moment
That was quite the goal from Robben tonight as well. Win.
Messi shines in the very well oiled Barca machine.The time he'd take to adapt to other leagues or teams would be the key for me.Messi is probably the best player on the planet, bar.At the moment. Messi is playing out of his skin,to a level that seems almost impossible.

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