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Lions to promote non english lions?

dirty harry

First XV
Jun 24, 2023
This article, is frankly hilarious...

1. Misleading ***le, as Lions 3m will be split evenly between the 4 nations I believe.

2. Some of the responses are brilliant...

- WRU are going to employ player pathway staff, and a performance coach inc head of physical development (they already have 5 people in this category lol), and the development staff contracts will be given to players to make them 'professional'. That's how theyve always done it.

- SRU will use it to improve u18 and u20 camps... which are run badly by voluntary staff mostly (yes I've run them), and none of that will produce anything by 2027.

- IRFU say they will go down the IRFU model of finding great athletes and finding a way to convert them to Irish, specifically in the university setting lol, may produce some foreign IQ players.

- and the RFU are going to use it to up skill their already dominant squad = higher representation in 2027.

I mean realistically, the lions should want the best, there should always be at least 1 representative from each nation, but if it means 1 from each and the England squad, that's how it should be no?

Also, from what I know of the funding requirements, and I may be wrong, the money needs to be spent on female participation at all levels, so statistically speaking inferior coaches, development officers and performance heads, what the RFU will do is continue to emply the best, and use this to up skill the female staff, which is a great way to win IMHO.

Compare the talented, experienced and dependable coaching staff of Mitchell and co, to Ioan Cunningham who's most notable accomplishments is telling the press he enjoys talking to the players about periods!!!

So it's your fault that Scotland may not be performing in the future?

I'm not taking all the heat...

Guys like Fergus Pringle, Shade Monroe, stew milne, and Sarah Quick were doing far more damage than me hahahaha

And this was nearly 10 years ago, all of my failures have failed already lol

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