Lions Vs Blues

Discussion in 'Super Rugby' started by C A Iversen, Feb 20, 2008.

  1. C A Iversen

    C A Iversen Guest

    I think the Blues have too much class for their opposition and it's their game to lose. I'd rate this 70/30 with the Blues having a 70% chance.
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  3. Vambo

    Vambo Guest

    The Blues are favourites for me.
  4. nam97

    nam97 Guest

    Yep, Blues to run rampant and put up a Bangladeshi cricket score.
  5. candybum

    candybum Guest

    is this being played in SA? yeah no matter, i think the Blues will win. Just give the ball to J ROCK! lol
  6. Best of luck to the Lions, i doubt there is a more spirited team in the Super 14's. Although its hard to look past the Blues, its always tough playing in South Africa so i say Lions by 3 :D
  7. BLR

    BLR Guest

    Willing to put some money on that? :p
  8. mimic

    mimic Guest

    I think the Blues lost the last time they played the Lions in SA.

    Will be interesting to see how the Blues will play this game. Is this game being played at altitude? Will test the fitness levels

    Blues 7+ (I hope :D)
  9. Fantasy King

    Fantasy King Guest

    Yep, Lions playing on home ground advantage. Very high altitude and considering they beat the Cheetahs last week they will have the full force of the Ellis Park crowds behind them.

    Still after the Blues performance last week it is difficult to imagine an upset in this one.

    Blues by at least 10.
  10. mimic

    mimic Guest

    Blues keep the same XV from last week.

    One change was made, with Bryn Evans replacing Anthony Boric on the bench.
    Not surprised, Anthony Boric is a stick, and will get eaten alive by the South African forwards. Evans is a more mobile lock, and is a lot more solid than Boric. Only problem is that Evans is just as short as the rest of the locks for the Blues.
  11. bourbonbeast

    bourbonbeast Guest

    blues by thirty to much flair and the new rules favour the blues versatile backline
  12. mimic

    mimic Guest


    Absolute romping.
    Looks like Nuci's gonna make it a habit to bench the best performers of the day, and give them a rest once the game is in the bag.
    We saw it last week Rokocoko, and this week again with Toeava going off early, and Flavell, Kaino and Tuitavake following him off after.
    Good to see Flavs get some rest though, don't want him to come crashing down like last year.

    PS: Why the hell is Nick White in the Blues squad? Does he have good connections or something? I'd rather have Chris Heard
  13. Juggernaut

    Juggernaut Guest

    I'm actually pleased with the way Nucifora is handling players welfare on the field. Smart move by him to replace most of the first choice players and give some game time to the replacements.

    And as for Nick White, that's the same thing that's been puzzling me for weeks now.
  14. mimic

    mimic Guest

    I'm really worried about the front row players on the bench.

    When Mealamu and Woodcock went off, as well as Kaino, the Blues forward pack didn't look as good imo.
    They started to go backwards sometimes.
    McCartneys throws are worse than Mealamu and Oliver lol
  15. This game was all about cutting edge, the Lions had a fair few choices including a 3 man overlap metres from the line which Pretorius threw straight into touch. The Lions defense was exposed horribly and Evans seems to have been some signing for the Blues, the amount of times he slotted the conversions from wide out was amazing. Also his speed is superb for a no.10, the Blues look like the only team capable of challenging the Crusaders currently.
  16. Juggernaut

    Juggernaut Guest

    Edited your post. last sentence should be clearer now.

  17. ? Doesnt look any different..
  18. Steve-o

    Steve-o Guest

    He is *drumroll* implying the Blues are the team to beat
  19. mimic

    mimic Guest

    lol, just by looking at the points for, its ridiculous.

    The Crusaders have scored 88, and the Blues have scored 87. Next highest is the Reds with a whopping 40 points.
  20. Steve-o

    Steve-o Guest

    And he is *drumroll* implying that a one point difference is ridiculous

    I see a career in this :D

    Oh wait.. then I'll be a reporter


    And he is *drumroll* implying that a one point difference is ridiculous

    I see a career in this :D

    Oh wait.. then I'll be a reporter

  21. mimic

    mimic Guest

    neg, you phail :p
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