London Wasps-15-19-Perpignan

Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by bravo, Mar 21, 2005.

  1. bravo

    bravo Guest

    the game started well for my side the wasps, with my big prop forward T. Macdonald, charging through a gap in the perpignan defence, to charge over the line, however my kicker, was not so confident, missing from out in front. Perpignan hit back, with their winger scoring out wide, edmonds converts, 7-5. a great break down the side of the field sees my scrum half come within inches, continuous pressure on the perpignan defence sees scrum-half, K. Davies, over the line for a five pointer, the kicker misses the conversion. Perpignan dig deep and a ferocious charge upfield sees their winger cross for another try, Edmonds misses the conversion, 12-10. A great dummy and an excellent piece of backline play then leads to Bruce Reihana, currently the only signing, dive over the line for 5 points, again the kicker misses. then when all seems secured in the match for the wasps at 15-12, the fullback goes to punt for touch at bang on 80:00, he misses touch, perpignans fullback bolts upfield with the ball, the ruck goes down, the halfback comes away from te ruck and gives a quick pass to edmonds who breaks the gap, as he approaches the fullback, edmonds passes off to Herbert who dives over for the match winner. perpignan win :mad:.
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  3. bravo bravo! haha get it, the names bravo and im saying well done, oh god that was awful, sorry everyone....

    na that must have been gutting. how far in the season was it?
  4. jgough

    jgough Guest

    Arr no [​IMG] It happens tho.

    Sounds like your next singing should be a good kicker, sounds like good ole' Hefler isn't pulling his weight [​IMG]

    Jamie Gough
  5. bravo

    bravo Guest

    haha thats right, heffler is shithouse
    and i was about 3 matches into the season undefeated,
    im thinking of signing someone who can kick and someone who can run, although reihana can run, i need another winger/centre like player, maybe rathbone,
    in terms of kicking, most top class kickers are expensive, so ill have to hunt around for an underated player, maybe huxley or one of the english kickers.
  6. Small question, WHY THE HELL ARE WASPS OFFCIAL!?!?!?!
  7. -JJ-

    -JJ- Guest

    Surely Reihana would be a better kicker than Heffler? He was decent at kicking in the NPC.
  8. Reihana should be a good kicker, he is now. If you want a half decent and fairly cheap 10 who can kick, try Duncan McRae from Gloucester. Not the greatest hands, and does have a habit of dropping clangers occasionally, but he can at least kick.
  9. cavan

    cavan Guest

    i'm playing as Wasps in world league also. Decided to sign a front row only in my first season so I got Jason White, Trevor Leota and the Italian prop Castrogiovanni (Cheap for only 19 points and has dreadlocks!). Narrowly missed out on promotion, thinking about signing a speedy scrum half next. Possibly Peel, Cussiter, Weepu or Dawson. So far have resisted the temptation to buy a speed merchant on the wing or robot goal kicker superstar. I'm going with the tough and dependable. Pick and go, pick and go! [​IMG]
  10. Lol, you clearly have more patience than me. My first 3 signings have been McRae, to kick goals, Howlett and Jason Robinson to gas opposition backs on the outside.
  11. cavan

    cavan Guest

    Those guys hog up a hell of a lot of maintenance points. Plus the fact that I don't win all my game mean I don't get loads of points in the first place. I'll probably reach for the cheddar and since Caucau or Rokocoko eventually but now I'm sticking to me in your face melee style rugby. It's actually quite satisying to pick and go the whole way to the try line from the 22 and have Castrogiovanni dive over underneath the posts. I like taking the opposition on and taunting them at how soft they are up front. Drastically need a new 2nd row though. I'm thinking a hard man enforcer (all my forwards will be hard man forward types, no George Smith, Schalk Burgers then). Someone like Trevor Brennan, Martin Johnson or Robert Sidoli. I'd go for Paul O Connell but his stats are pants [​IMG]
  12. Martin Johnson is a very good buy. Quite a few maintenance points I think, but he is good in the loose, and an excellent line-out jumper. Never lost one throwing to him. Does seem a bit weird watching him trot onto the pitch in a Saints shirt though [​IMG]
  13. contepomi

    contepomi Guest

    Here's a tip, I always picked him up in my Rugby 2004 World Leagues. Brian O'Meara of Leinster. Excellent goal kicker - 89 - and pretty inexpensive. Good quality scrumhalf as well.
  14. cavan

    cavan Guest

    Grr...Too many bad memories of **** house rugby served up by O'Meara for even considering signing him. I did convince my little brother to select him at Loosehead in a two player game I had with him. I was playing South Africa and needless to say Os was collapsing those scrums like there was no tomorrow. I waited in vain for a cutscene to arrive where O'Meara was getting walloped by some big Saffer but it never happened. [​IMG]
  15. contepomi

    contepomi Guest

    I kept getting battered off of the Spanish players when I put myself in! Grr, but I settled their hash with a great try. That's the way
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