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Look what I've seen...

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On wednesday at training, the SRU came to our club and was showing of the Calcutta Cup. My team had photos taken with it, and we learned some stuff about it. Like, it was made by a Calcutta fitba' team who disbanded cause they had no one to play. They then decide to take their money, melt it into siver and make the cup then donate it to ourselves and the English to play for. Also, that last engravement was last made in 2000 when we won. The RFU have not put on a new plaque since.

Here's a photo with me next to the cup. I got closer to it than any other Englishman this year (I'm allowed to gloat, as a Scot I don't experience winning very much).

The guy taking the photo was ruuuubish, and it was raining whilst I'd been out at training which is why my hair looks ruuuubish.

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