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Looking for a few items...



Hey guys I've tried Lovell rugby and kitbag but both have problems either not having what I'm looking for or otherwise being troublesome. I'm looking for at least one of the following and would appreciate it if you ugys knew where I could order them, preferably at an advantageous cost and they also need to be able to ship to Canada. so here's my list:

Rugby Shirts (either home or away):


Western Force

South Africa


I also came accross some nice Western Force training shorts, so if anyone knows where I can get a hold of those, please let me know.
Well Jerseys wise I'm ok finally I found what I wanted. I'm still wondering if anyone found the shorts.
Where? I heard that Lovell Rugby doesn't ship to Canada anymore. (Thank You Very Much, CBSA)
got lucky and found it on ebay. rugbystore.co.uk has a lot of stuff too.

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