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Looking for a player



Anyone have any ideas who this player could be, based on the following description

-Second row
-Very tall
-Played for London Irish and Bath
-Switched to play American Football after rugby
-Played at the end of the nineties, perhaps at the beginning of this decade as well.

Sorry if it is fairly vague! Please do your best to identify this man.

Unless someone knows him of the top of their head i don't think you could find him unless you go through the player lists of the late 90's from London Irish, Bath and the NFL and cross check them.
Well in that case read my last post and wherever you see "NFL" substitute in "NFL Europa for Frankfurt" and take my advice :)
I'm guessing you'd find them somewhere that had something to do with those clubs, so I'd say you'd find them at Bath, London Irish and Frankfurt :p

Maybe you should try contacting the teams.

Club Office, 11 Argyle Street, Bath, BA2 4BQ
Tel: 01225 325200 Fax: 01225 325201

London Irish
Main Switchboard: +44 (0) 1932 783 034
Main Fax: +44 (0) 1932 784 462
Chief Executive Ian Taylor: 01932 783034
Services Support Manager John Salinger: 01932 750118
Forwards Coach Toby Booth: 01932 783034

Frankfurt Galaxy
Frankfurt Galaxy
Westerbachstrasse 47
60489 Frankfurt
Telephone: +49-69-978-279 10
Fax: +49-69-978-279 99
e-mail:[email protected]

I'd suggest that you ring the last Rugby Union team that he was and ask what the name of the player was who signed with Frankfurt Galaxy. I'm sure they'd tell you straight away.

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