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LOTR Online



Anyone going to play Lord of the Ring online? Ive seen a few reviews saying its above and beyond anything WoW has managed to do. So if thats true then imagin how massive this game could get!
hmm does it cost monthly?

i am too stingy to pay for monthly subscriptions
yeah there is a monthly subscription. there is also the lifetime subscription which is like $200 US. for me to pay for an mmo it would have to be very very good. lotro from what I have heard is pretty similar to WoW except it's in the lotr universe.

I am waiting to see how Warhammer online works out because that is one mmo I am very interested in. also Age of Connan could be very good too.
200us??? if thats the case thats not too bad for a life time subscription. hope they ahve a demo or something and if its woth the time i might have a go else ill just leave it behind.
Ive been told that the full game comes with a free 30day trial membership just like WoW's 15day one. But i suspect that it wount take to long before you will be able to download this trial version.

But this game isnt THAT similar to WoW, one good thing is there is on Cartoon Graphics and we all know what kind of players cartoon graphics bring!!! FARKEN KIDS! but i think to get the most out of an MMO, its always good to wait for 4 or 5 months just so the servers full and the economy straightens out. Plus hopefully a few patches would have been made. However, Eurogamer said that this is one of the most polished MMO's to be released, so hopefully what ever bugs there are, can be fixed easily.
Yeah, as i said i wont be going on it for a little while unless the big game reviewers all make it a must have.
From what I know its basically nothing new.

I used to be a wow player but with TBC couldn't be arsed with the grind for pots. Some of the guys i knew in wow went over to Lotr and like it. The combat system is slighty different, no instance attacks, attacks come on next swing so you have to plan ahead a little, there's no real pvp, graphics are very nice, and the grind for levels doesn't seem to kick in until half way+ its just simple quests which aren't grind fests. most sites like mmorpg give it a 7~ saying its a good clone but nothing new. Next big MMO's in terms of new ideas are stuff like Conan (no targeting attacks) and Huxley (first person shooter rpg) and i'm looking out for them but lotr seems to be same old same old.
Hmm yeah id agree with that, however you cant say that WoW had instant attacks eather, they where slightly off. And the PVP thing, there is PVP but its left till round level 40, not like WoW where there is PVP servers.

But yeah i think for me if any game maker wants to make it big in the MMO world they have to make something different to the normal old MMORPG like WoW or any of the other ones that have been done to death at the moment anyway.

I might have a look at that Huxley. Ive never heard of it.

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