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Luke Watson joins Bath



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Western Province captain Luke Watson has confirmed a move to English club Bath at the end of the 2009 Currie Cup.

Watson made his mark with the Sharks before moving to the Cape in 2005 to join the Stormers and WP. His form in the 2006 and 2007 Super 14 competitions eventually led to a Springbok debut against Samoa. He went on to earn nine more national caps.

‘Playing in the Cape for WP and the Stormers has been and remains a privilege,’ said Watson. ‘We still have some unfinished business in this year’s Currie Cup and I will be giving my all to help ensure a successful season for the team and the Newlands faithful.

‘Joining Bath at the end of hopefully a successful WP season represents a new beginning and an opportunity to grow and experience the game in the top echelons of northern hemisphere rugby. Whilst obviously sad to be leaving Western Province, where I have enjoyed my time immensely, I am looking forward to the new challenge that this opportunity will bring.’

Bath coach Steve Meehan said the club was delighted to have acquired Watson for the 2009/10 European season. South Africans Michael Claassens and Butch James have enjoyed great success since moving north in 2007.

‘Luke Watson is a very talented rugby player and an experienced leader who is yet to reach his peak,’ said Meehan. ‘We are very happy to have him arriving at Bath, even though we may have to wait until November. We are certain he will have a huge impact.

‘Our discussions have been very straight forward and neither of us are in any doubt of the way Bath play their rugby and the responsibilities he will inherit.’[/b]

Another South African loose forward moves North. However this is good for SA rugby as Watson is like a cancer with all his political connections.

So long Luke!

PS: "new challenge"?! You haven't won anything in SA, Luke!


Welcome to the UK, Luke "blatant hypocrite" Watson.

Sad thing is, he's going to be sick all over the Bath jersey. Nothing to do with politics, probably more because every Saffa who plays in the Europe will be slamming into him like French exocets into HMS Sheffield!


Im sure hes looking forward to the social scene.Lets hope he keeps his nose clean.


He does seem to be a "nosy" fella, I'm sure he'll keep his "nose" in the air and "sniff" out the scene there.



Nah even with all the criticism Luke gets, he is a good player who works hard for the team. Keeps his nose to the grind stone.


Luke Watson is a good signing for Bath. Not an opportunity to be sniffed at by Watson. Let's hope he don't act a dope and brings something of substance to Bath Rugby.


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Luke Watson is a good signing for Bath. Not an opportunity to be sniffed at by Watson. Let's hope he don't act a dope and brings something of substance to Bath Rugby.[/b]
That is a terrible joke! :p

Maybe he can inject some pace and power into the back row and hopefully he doesnt crack under the pressure!


I hope he doesn't get caught up in the drug scene at Bath.

Amazed nobody has mentioned it yet...

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