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MAdden 08 franchise-drafting players



i have been looking at some franchises on the next gen and they have the actual rookies in them

e.g Brian Brohm and Lawrence Jackson. Is this in the game aor do you have to download it. And if you have to download it how do you do it.
Can someone please help me out here, you would be of great help
to me. thanks
I just bought a ps3 and madden 08 and i was wondering how you download the roster updates ea put out.

Also how you download the ncaa rosters so you can use them in franchise.

Can someone please help me?

Merged the topics while they were both about Madden and both asking for help. May as well kill two birds with one stone.

Also, please dont double post. By the fact that no-one's replied, I think it's safe to assume none of us have the foggiest about any of the things you're having trouble with. I assume if there's some sort of official EA roster update, there'll be a network mode in the game which you can download it from. Other than that, I couldnt even begin to answer your questions with any kind of authority.

So much for killing two birds. Sorry.
I just bought a ps3 and madden 08 and i was wondering how you download the roster updates ea put out.
havent played 08 yet on ps3 but for 07 on xbox 360 you had to start an online game just go to quick match i think im not to sure what the name is and it'll prompt you to download the latest ea roster when its done downloading just save it to the hdd

Also how you download the ncaa rosters so you can use them in franchise.
you need to have the ncaa exported draft classes from ncaa 08,
im not sure if you can use someone elses ncaa save coz i think the saves are locked to the original person so you might need to buy ncaa yourself and rename yourself
try http://www.digitalsportsmania.com/forums/d...o=cat&id=36 they have some draft classes as well as updated madden rosters and stuff

let me know how it works coz i plan on getting madden 08 for ps3
Can someone please help me?
hope i have helped a little
No problem

also just in case your not sure how to get the saves on your ps3 hdd, use Usb Flash Drive/MMC/MS DUO etc or any other external storage source

heres a little guide
Create Folder on your Usb Flash Drive/MMC/MS DUO etc: "PS3"
Create Folder Within the "PS3" Folder: "SAVEDATA"
Unzip the Downloaded Save to "SAVEDATA" Folder.
Connect Usb Flash Drive/MMC/MS DUO etc to your PS3, press triangle on the "USB/memory card or whatever pops up" folder in game data,
Copy & Save!!

hopefully it might world but no promises but still, let me know how you get on
You need to by the NCAA Football Game, but it's sold in the US only and is region 1

I just import NCAA each year anyway as I can play all region discs on my PS2 - Judging by your flag you live in NZ so your only option is to import NCAA I think - other than that your **** out of luck.
Thanks Ripper - yea bit of a bugger we cant get the game in nz. Im an american football freak so it looks like ill be importing ncaa. thanks Ripper
It's worth if it if you do import it, ever since around 2004 the NCAA Series has outstripped the Madden series every year by an increasingly wide margin IMO - and i've only played the PS2 incarnations, i'm sure the PS3 versions will be a crapload better
it worked it hink, well i have got the new rosters and the ncaa draft class 0f 2008 in my hdd.

But how do i load the updated roster and how do i put the draft class into madden?
you need to load the roster ingame, if you cant see it in the load rosters screen then im guessing it rosters are locked to the original persons profile (whoever uploaded it to the website)

as for the draft classes they work like this (going by madden 07 only)

play a full season of franchise and just before the next years off season it will ask you if you want to import ncaa draft classes, so say yep and load the save when it shows up

so for example youve just finsihed the 2007 season, you'll want to import the 2008 draft class

hopefully the draft classes show up and arent profile locked to someone else
I have given up with the transfering the rosters from the computer to the usb to my ps3 because all of them have profile locks or something like that. So i am going to go online and play a game because it asks you if you want to use the updated rosters so i am going to do it that way. However i know i am going to sound dumb but how do i get online. Do i need any cords or anything, do i need to sign up to something?

Whats the Deal?
Just wanted to update everyone on my situation. Thanks to everyone who posted on this every little bit helped. so thanks for that. Now i have the updated rosters. i just signed up to playstation netwrk adn downloadded them from madden online in the play now feature. So im happy, but still dont know about ncaa i think i am going to import the game. So thanks to everyone.

P.S. The pats are rated 99 WTF