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Discussion in 'General Gaming Chat' started by woosaah, Sep 8, 2008.

  1. woosaah

    woosaah Guest

    Sup guys?

    I just had to buy myself a game for my birthday, every year i buy myself something to cheer myself up every time I am a year older I buy myself a present, sometimes its big (last year it was a home theatre system) sometimes its small (like a hard drive or something i want for my PC). This year I decided to get myself Madden 09. I cant deny that this was a total impulse buy. Me and my flatmate were talking about the old times in our old flat back in Christchurch and how much we used to play Madden and watch movies and such it just got me in the mood. I decided to go down and buy it right then and there. Well after about an hour trying to find my wallet (which was underneath this very keyboard I am on, no idea how it got there or how i missed it) we headed down to the mall to get it. Dumb me didnt realise the mall closes at 530 so had to go to the warehouse and pay an xtra 10 bucks for the game, i didnt care though I had the game.

    Got home, put it in, "EA Sports Its In The Game" sounds out over the nice home theatre system. wicked i think, then the dog comes barking down the stairs and barks at the tv, didnt realise there isnt really a person inside of there, nice protective dog that one.

    Anyway we get it turned on and go through the first drills for "My Skill" which was sa nice touch. It put me on All-Pro for rushing and passing, but for defense i was a rookie, no doubt about it. Freaking thing. We set up a quick play game, me (49ers) vs flatmate (Cardinals) and away we go. I end up kicking off, not knowing what i need to do i pull the right analog stick back and then forth, only to jerk it around abit and get about 30 yards. RANDOM.

    Anyway after two plays my flatmate decides to throw a "hail mary" and he connects and "sprints" about 50 yards for the first touch down. I say "sprints" because we hadnt really figured out what the sprint button was. Who needs instructions right?

    Anyway after a bit of tinkering and playing around in our first game it ends up to be a respectable 13-10 game to flatmate, which i was fuming as I am really competitive and pride myself on some of these games. Especially football games againts mates I know haha.

    Anyway my thoughts about the game after playing til 1am (we both had to be up early the next morning, I am shattered this morning) are good, I am quite impressed. I never played 08 on the PS3, i heard it was missing alot of features and stuff. This one again doesnt have as much features, aparently, but I found it to have plent of features for me to play with. I started the Superstar mode. Running was really weird for the drills, pulling back on the L and R analogue sticks to get the guy to run was weird, and every now and again it looked like he was going to trip up. Also had to do some bench presses, that was stupid as i didnt understand how i was meant to lift but the L and R analogue sticks and push L1 and R1 alternatly to make this guy keep stamina and do his bench presses, i am sure with a bit more playing around i shouldnt have a problema nd be able to do more than just 3 bench presses, i can do more than that in real life.

    Started a franchinse mode as well, and its good that you can select more than one team for a franchise. That means me and flattie are going to ahve two teams each, on each side of the groups and battle our way for NFL glory. I did a fantasy draft with old players as well, and since i dont know anyone i didnt really care who i got. Played a pre season game, lost that, but thats cause i still suck at the game, going to study it more, get offence going properly and then work ond efense. Also might have to try out some online games as well.

    I really enjoyed the game, and look forward to more games and stories that I could possibly tell on here. i might make up some kind of fantasy team and play them through the franchise modes against my flatmate, that would be cool. Just using people i know.

    Anyone out there a fan of Madden, i would definatly get them to have a look at this one, much better than some of the others I have played, thats for sure.
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  3. esoj

    esoj Guest

    well its about the closest we got to a next-gen rugby game at the present. 09 is meant to be the first true next-gen generation for most ea sports gams and from what I have heard this is definitely true for madden.
  4. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    yeah i got madden 09 is awesome
    sadly i have played tiger woods09 no-stop since i got it
    i dont reckon madden will get another look in soon
    online tiger is my wildest dreams
    but yes madden09 is the best madden of them all
    the gameplay is soo much better, and add in proper commentary its hitting its straps
    now all it needs is proper presentation like ESPN2k5, and u have all the boxes ticked
  5. C A Iversen

    C A Iversen Guest

    Still got an Xbox AK? Or got a PS3 now? Just wondering, not trying to convince you either way. :D
  6. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    funny u mention that
    With G1 jockey coming to PS3 - i am in the market
    monitoring ebay @ AUD$550.00 the going rate - brand new 40GB
    this time next week i should have one
    i love horse racing titles, and sony have them all with that jap market.
  7. CeeJay

    CeeJay Guest

    Im living in japan now, and just got a ps3. I had my brother send me a copy from NZ as the Japan release is a bit shaky.It arrived on saturdayand have had a good go, and im a bit disappointed. Its almost identical to last years game which is not bad, but the most important feature for me is instant replay. I love watching and now saving make magic plays, but low and behold the replay is trashed. Something weird happens in replays. the frame rate drops and the LOD drops drastically, the ball no longer spins in the air, run animations start twitching and the players are like robots, their feet go throught the ground and they start skating through break tackle animations. the ball does not attach to them correctly, especially the when the QB throughs. I used to watch my high res replays over and over in slow mo on madden 08, and they looked great, what the hell happened? Saveable replays cant be watched in full on your cosole?! not that theyre worth looking at anymore. The transition from scoring to celebration is still stuffed!! Pre game intros are gone!! I bet the super bowl celebration is too. Position battles are gone! No owner mode?! Interface is the same, franchise and superstar mode is the same. everything is the same. I give them the fact that the gameplay has been tweaked to a good standard, but thats not enough. What about the ball flying off sideways at 100 miles an hour every time its downed. EA backtrack is cool but why does it only work when I make a mistake!!! I want to see a breakdown when I make a good defensive play. Where is the use of the espn license? Ill give them praise for the my skil auto difficulty, it does seem to be working well. But at first those stupid tests in no way resemble in game. In game is so much toucher, the mini game s are way to easy, I ended up all madden straight away and got my ass hande to me. so I went back flunked it and started from pro and its worked me in nicely.

    Thats my rant. Madden 09 plays well, by I feel violated.
  8. woosaah

    woosaah Guest

    Nice WallOfText there Ceejay :p

    Well we have started a franchise. I am the 49ers and the Chargers. My flatmate is the Cardinals and the ... <insert team i cant think of here>

    Just about finished the 2nd week of pre season matches, I have won all mine with one game to go and my flatmate has one all his, but saying that he did lose one but the game crashed as it went back to the menu. Its happened a few times already and its really annoying. Hopefuly EA fix this issue soon because its happened twice while playing the franchise. We are saving after every game just in case, but it seams to crash right after a game as you get in the menu before you get a chance to save it. You still get the music but thats about it.

    We will still play a few games see how we go but hopefully it gets fixed soon.

    Also we created players, we both created ourselvs put each other as WR then we used our internet nick names and made them QB in the other team. Just to see how we compare over the seasons to come. should be great fun.
  9. I played it the other day, the first time I have ever tried one of the Madden games. I liked it a lot but I haven't the first clue how to play it! With Mercenaries 2, Rainbow Six Vegas already bought and Impact out on Friday, not to mention the impending arrival of PES at the end of October, it's safe to say it won't be getting bought for a good while, if ever.

    Enjoyed the demo though, although I have still yet to score a touchline. And I still can't help but shout "FORWARD!" every time I throw a pass!
  10. steynboi

    steynboi Guest

    Man you lucky ******* :(. Shame it aint coming out on PC im rather gutted :(
  11. bazdev

    bazdev Guest

    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (St Helens RLFC @ Sep 10 2008, 10:56 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}></div>
    Sounds like every rugby game I have ever played/beat you on. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

    PS. Big Feka owned Ginger Graham last week. what a shitbag (ran 30 yards and soiled his undies)
  12. The time will come, Dev, when I have played the game for the first time at the same time as you, and before any of you can adjust to my Paul Cooke 40 yard floated and slightly forward passes, I'll be in at the corner! Need I also remind you that you escaped with the £50 pot at Daz's in spite of being beaten.... by me! (Not that I wanted to play you in the final and that was Pro Evo, but still!)

    And f**k Fat Feka - high and late off the ball and then knocked on every time he had the breath to take it up after that. Super League's second most overrated prop (behind Korkidas, I don't know how he's rated full stop.)
  13. lwkfella1991

    lwkfella1991 Guest

    should i get madden 09 or tiger woods 09 ????

    i cant choose between them
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