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    [​IMG]Ladies and Gents, we are on the doorstep of what Setanta Sports have called the most exciting rugby tournament on the planet ever of all time to the extreme thricely for all eternity.Â* Yes, the Magners League.Â* The Magners League is full of The European Champions, obviously last years Magners League Champions, over 3/4 of the British and Irish Lions Squad, and a host of other impressive sounding statistics of which I'm presently ill-equiped to type, but let me just say, I read them somewhere and, wow, I was impressed! Â*

    This season also sees the introduction of a playoff system.Â* “What makes the 2009-10 season all the more appealing is that we will be ending it on an even bigger high by introducing a play-off system to find our champions," says Niall Crozier of the Belfast Telegraph ( Magners League, Celtic Rugby Chairman, John Hussey, said, "Our competition is now the playground of the stars of the game in the northern hemisphere and some of the biggest names in the rugby-playing world."

    While it's hard to predict which team will do what as the top clubs also fight for the European Championship, the Magners League always follows through on being exciting, entertaining and the home of the biggest names in International Rugby. Â*

    Discuss, critisize, educate, debate, philosophize, shout, make-fun-of, and submit poems about the Magners League here on The Rugby Forum:Â* Magners League + The Rugby Forum = Magic!


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