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Major Problems?



Hey guys, now that we've all had this game for extended play, what do you see as the major problems with it?
Personally, while I like the game a lot, I think there are a bunch of things still not quite right:

1. Camera Angles... There isn't one camera angle in this game that feels right! Side is the best, but it makes goal kicking hard and also judging when to put an attacking option on the fullback if you make a break.
2. Passing. This game would really benefit from a passing system similar to RL2, the current one still doesn't always target itself well, still takes too long to execute and cut outs still float too much, which eliminates their effectiveness. This also makes the set plays less effective, because you can smash players before they get a pass away.
3. Kicking. Same problem as above in that it still takes WAY too long to execute, making spur of the chips, grubbers etc virtually impossible if there is a player even in a 5 metre radius (unless you use no power in the kick, in which case it executes quicker). Also, grubbers have lost a lot of their directability, so you can only really grubber forward now.
4. Scrums. Scrums still feel way too out of your control and it's not really clear why you've lost them most of the time... They need to make scrummaging more in deapth and something you can develop as a skill
5. Rucks. Rucks still are largely automatic and turnovers result on many occasions when they clearly shouldn't.
I think youve hit most of them on the head right there, i agree totally.

I'd still prefer if they got away from the way sidesteps and tackles etc enter in the set animation when used

I'd also like to see an inclusion of a chip over the top and chase, currently if you try to do a quick one with the punt you slow down way to much making it impossible to chase properly
The biggest thing for me is the difficulty, its just too easy. They need to monitor people playing each other on MP and base the ai on that. Multiplayer is awsome and unpredicable. Sp ai is just far too predictable and easy to beat. I agree with the stuff sanzar said aswell, but if they make chips, grubbers, cut out balls etc easier, then the ai must be able to use them effectively aswell, otherwise they will be even easier to beat! If the ai was a challenge i could honestly never stop playing rugby 06.
I can't believe this hasn't been said... The f***ing bunching on defence. It's as annoying as hell. EVERYBODY follows the ball. It renders positioning absolutely pointless imo.

Also, I wish anybody could jump into rucks. Nothing more annoying than making a break, then getting tackled and having your supporting backs just standing there waiting for forwards to come into the ruck. Stupid.

Also, waiting for the halfback to run all the way to the ruck. Someone should hang out at the back and take over as halfback, or a forwad could pick and go or something.

Needs to be mauls and stuff in the middle of open play as well.
Good points - I think the passing could actually do with an overhaul - it's good at the moment, but I reckon a few small(ish) changes could make it perfect:

1. As above, borrowing from RL2 with it's icon based system would be a great option to have. You wouldn't use it all the time obviously but great for really picking gaps.

2. The physics could do with a bit of tweaking.

3. The option to control the pace of a pass would be good - a real bullet double miss pass could be risky in terms of hitting the man or being dropped, but if it worked would really open up the game. Likewise, a delicate pop pass could allow a man to come steaming onto it at real pace.

4. Offloads could be made a little less automatic (this should probably be an option as some people probably like the easy 'tap one button' method) - I would like to have it just pressing the relevant pass button as very occasionally I find it offloads one way when I really wanted to go the other.
The single player game has become very repetitive and one dimensional.

The developers need to cut out the scripting and create a more 'archaic' approach to gameplay, similar to PES where arguably you can do 'anything'.

There needs to be far more unpredictabilty to the gameplay to maintain long term interest .

As with 2006 and previous versions, the joy of the single player game comes from learning all the skills and moves. Once you reach your full potantial, the gameplay doesn't offer enough. After a while, playing the game is like watching the same movie over and over again. I don't see that as value for money for a computer game. Longevity is the key.

I also want to have the responsiveness to react to different situations on the pitch as and when they happen. At the moment everything feels far too automatic and scripited.

Any thoughts? Agree, disagree?
Personally, while it is a good game, I wouldn't mind an entire overhaul of the physics system. And I mean ENTIRE. Cut out all of the preset animation crap.

I'll explain exactly what I want to see in depth when I can be bothered.
Originally posted by kaftka@May 17 2006, 04:47 AM
Personally, while it is a good game, I wouldn't mind an entire overhaul of the physics system. And I mean ENTIRE. Cut out all of the preset animation crap.

I'll explain exactly what I want to see in depth when I can be bothered.
yes! I don't want to see guys diving through each other any more, they should be bumping off each other and bounce on the floor
Another thing that annoys is the so called "400 set plays" they sold in the release stages. The thing is you can't change a teams set plays when you are in a tournament, I think it only works on world league mode

Substititions are still messed up which means you can't manage your players on the pitch. There's still no information on injuries during tournaments.

Camera angles, both during play and during replays needs alot of attention.

Accurate representation of the laws of rugby (e.g losing the ball in-goal often results in a try if a team mate dives on it etc.)
I think if they manage to sort out clipping issues, and spend a good long while working on those sorts of issues, and remove a whole bunch of animations, allowing for a semi-ragdoll affect where a strong upperbody hit on someone will reel them over, with a system allowing you to drive into opponents. As we're in the new generation of consoles and gaming etc. I expect to see a lot of depth. What I want is a game that really feels like rugby. A game based on weight distribution and technique in the running game, rather than pure speed. The animations in Rugby 06, and indeed many games, are tiresome. In a videogame like soccer or something, your really need that stuff, but a videogame representation of rugby opens up a whole load of possibilities. They will be boring though and keep releasing preset animation based gameplay though for a long time yet...

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