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Management Meetup



Hey Guys and Gals (Looking at DC)

We have had our first management meetup today, in the Sunny City of Liverpool... We have so far evaded the Army of Truth... but do fear for our safety as we are both are in the same place at the same time...

Tomorrow is the monumentus day in The Rugby Forum's History, myself and Dan will be opening up a TRF bank account, so that all funds are in an official single place under a single account rather than being in personal bank accounts.. this is being done to gain your trust when you donate knowing that your money is going straight to the boards, and not in our back pockets...

We have also spending time discussing on how we feel the forum could be moved forward and discussing ideas that have come about through members in person, we plan to make this the NO1 forum for Rugby Discussion on the Internet and in The World.. our aspirations are to make a subscribable fanzine for members to download and contribute to, this would be one of the first of its kind as it would cover both codes of rugby...

We have also spent time enjoy a game of Football (soccer for you Yanks and Aussies) and will be touring Anfield Stadium and Museum tomorrow afternoon, before I head back down south to sunny somerset/dorset.

Pictures will be posted up at some point


Charlie and Dan

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