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Manu Samoa to unveil a nu more aggressive Siva Tau



from samoaobserver.ws

What disappoints Ulupoao is the fact SRFU have shown little care or respect towards him and Uili Pa'o, who he wrote the Manu "a classic" with.
"They have stolen someone else's work," Ulupoao said.
"Dominic Fonoti had no involvement whatsoever in the original work, and as I have explained, it is like taking lines from the hit song, Hotel California and tearing it up.
"The Manu, which was performed back in 1991 is a classic.
"Only a fool would touch a classic.
"Nobody thinks about it. It's sacred and of course he will be dealt with appropriately."
"I will take this matter to court after the World Cup."
"Well, he (Ulupoao) is a mad man," Mr. Fonoti said.
"He only wants his money," he said.
"This is what this is all about.
"I don't know what he is going on about."
Mr. Fonoti's new siva tau sees the Manu Samoa team taking off their jerseys before performing and is more aggressive than the original.
Near the end of the siva tau, a verse of the original Manu is used.
"The whole idea of the new siva tau is to pump up the boys before the match," Mr. Fonoti said.
"Like Su'a Peter Schuster said, this is the best warm-up preparation for the team," he said.
"The idea of the team taking off their jerseys is to tell their opposition they are here to play rugby. They are here for business.
"Ulupoao should just keep away."
"It doesn't matter if they use a verse, a line or a word," Ulupoao said.
"That is still copyright. They did not even seek my permission to do this," he said.
Ulupoao said he and his lawyers have written to SRFU regarding the matter.
"Further action will be taken," he said.
Ulupoao said he could grant another sporting body with rights to use the Manu.
"I and our lawyers have written to the SRFU on many occasions that we want payment of our royalties for the use of our work Manu, which is in the thousands of Tala.
"The only response is the one I read in the Samoa Observer some days ago.
"I am talking to our lawyers in Auckland, New Zealand and in Samoa and I do not rule out talking to another sporting body in Samoa about the exclusive use of the Manu, and of course apply to court to ban SRFU from using the Manu and as well as seek remedies on damages of my intellectual property rights on the brand, Manu Samoa."
Ulupoao said the Manu is what created the name Manu Samoa.
He said he now feels cheated and that his classic Manu has been torn apart.
"Well, it is copyright infringement. It is like some organisation and an outlaw individual changing the classic hit song 'Hotel California'. If you change some of the music, change some of the verses of the original Hotel California and add new lyrics without the permission of the original authors of Hotel California, it is copyright.
"In this case, Manu has been changed to siva tau, and the new siva tau, according to the CEO of the Samoa Rugby Union.
"All done without our concern and permission.
"I and Uili Pa'o are the original authors of the Manu Samoa dance.
"Put in another way, it is like someone changing the Samoa Tula'i to something else. I don't know why they changed the ***le to some obscure name, and yet they fly the Manu Samoa flag.
"What the SRFU have done to the Manu, our original work, invites charges of accession.
"The copyright laws in Samoa, in New Zealand and Australia plus USA and the UK, protect our work Manu, and for a long time, the SRU, that is the board, the management and the legal advisors, have been misleading the rugby fraternity in Samoa.
"If you change the name Manu to an obscure name like siva tau it is illegal because it tends to amount to daylight robbery of the naming rights of Manu, the current name of the dance that we own."
"We have the World Cup coming on, and I respect the players, I wish them the best.
"I just want to address the illegal use of the Manu and I will take this matter to court."</span></div>

<div align="left"> :cheers: Big ups to Domonic Fonoti on creating the new Siva Tau for the boys to use to fire themselves up before the world cup games. For those who dont know Domonic Fonoti is also the creater of the PI'z wardance the Cibi Tau and was hired has a spiritual leader while they were on tour. Though I am very proud of the classic Siva Tau since first witnissing it with my own 2 eyez at the last world cup, I amall for a more aggro Siva Tau as a replacemtn as I think the more aggressive the more the boyz will feel inspired n fire up which I think can only be a good thing. though 2 thumbz down to Ulupoao Ata Maiai for threatening to sue the Srfu if the new Siva Tau is used as he sez it uses lyrics (one line) from the original Siva Tau and was not asked permission to use the lyrics in the nu one. Greedy Batsid just let em use it n shuttup ur mouf :toss: !!!</div>
It sounds like copyright breach, however small and he can try to sue.. he might be successful. I'm sure they can settle out of court. Manu Samoa don't need this. What they need is to win game and play brilliant rugby at the RWC.

Politics, eh?
i like the current wardance. has a nice rhyme and rhythm to it. wonder if the new one will sound good.
Thumbs up to Samoa if they change their war dance...the old one was not intimidating.

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