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Mark Calling



Sorry for my english,

I tried to search in threads but I do not find it: How to call Mark in Pc Verison ? ? ?
HI guys. I`m a new member

re: calling mark
I`m using the pc version and have tried everything to try to call a mark. Button 1 doesnt work for me. I tried it before I mark, just after, holding it down and all the other buttons but cant mark. Is there a knack to it? Don`t mind doing the counterattack but marking would be handy sometimes. Maybe its my dodgey copy? but everything else works properly. Any thoughts?
On the PS2 version a small screen pops up at the bottom right when calling a mark is available. You should be able to do it as soon as the kicker kicks into the 22.
U could try & just press & hold button 1 without moving your selected player & see if that works.
Thanks, but it doesnt work. Just end up doing an up and under. Not to worry though
Originally posted by Dogcigar@Apr 18 2005, 07:24 AM
Thanks, but it doesnt work. Just end up doing an up and under. Not to worry though
You've got the right button, but press it while the ball is flying towards you, not once you've got it.
Oh yes sorted it out. Many thanks. Cheers

little of topic but has anyone had probs with the kicking counter? I`m using a rom emulator so don`t know if it affects things but I find that sometimes my kicking metre is all jagged when it winds up. Like its not displaying quick enough.Makes goal kicking near impossible sometimes.Seems to be only in tournaments. If I play a one of match, no probs.
I did make my resolution bigger but that shouldnt affect the goal kicking because its on a set screen, yeah?
I haven't noticed any jaggered meter, my meter goes really smooth like my freshly shaved backside!