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Mass Effect



Anyone picked this up?

I saw the rave reviews, and bought it on Friday, along with Assassin's Creed. I thought it sounded like the kind of game I could really get into (I LOVED Oblivion), and it's been impressive so far, but I actually spent far more time with AC (as well as Madden and Fifa).

It does seem like it could be a grower, and I'll try to put more time into it in the near future, but just wondered what other people thought
Having had more time with this now, I can honestly say it's an absolute belter. I see it as a less 'geeky' Oblivion, but with similair scope for 'doing your own thing' as well as a gripping central storyline, and a dialogue system that evolves with your character (e.g. you can work on your intimidation skills to make more of those types of options availabe to you).

The squad control is basic but brilliant, and you find yourself constantly tweaking the skills and equipment of your party, as well as your own character - you actually genuinely care what happens to them, and start building a team which compensates for any weaknesses you have, or suits your tactics. As an example, I tend to use the sniper rifle from a distance, so have created a couple of 'infantry' type troops who I can send up front.

The game seems fairly linear for the first chapter, but then suddenly you get to the 'citadel', complete with bars, shops etc, and eventually get hold of your own ship which can be used to explore the VAST number of solar systems and planets available. Once you go down to planet surfaces, there are all manner of tasks to do, and whilst the playable area on each planet is huge, there is more than enough to explore here.

At the moment I've put the main story on hold while I do a few side quests, gather some cash and improve my squad, but I cannot stress how enjoyable this is. A truly class act.

I'm happy to answer any questions, but I'm sure most stuff is freely available from the huge following this game has built on various sites...
I'd say so definitely. As long as you're not looking for a pure action game - the FPS part is good, but obviously that's not all that this game is about. The sheer scale of it is very impressive, and it does feel very free. Much like oblivion but in a better setting.

The dialogue system is excellent, even revolutionary (the way more options open up as your character progresses is a very neat touch).

Some people will hate it I'm sure, but if you're predisposed to this type of game in any way, then I'd say it's a must buy!

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