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Matt Giteau.. the best inside centre?



He is the complete package, the hands, acceleration, the boot and that creative genius when it comes to breaking the line. I seriously think he will be best out there in the next 2 years
Yes, he is the best #12 at the moment and has been for the past couple of years and will continue to be for years to come.
giteau is absolutly the best #12 at the moment :)
it's also good felice contepomi and mcallister... but not like giteau...
Felipe Contepomi wins it for me, Luke's has his ups and downs while Giteau maybe good on attack but New Zealand has punched a few holes through his defensive channel
Contepomi is too volatile to be considered the best in the world IMO. And while McAllister can be great going forwards, he seems to get a bit flakey when the pressure is on.

Still can't believe how underated Gordan D'Arcy is. Didn't have a great RWC, but has arguably been Ireland's most consistent performer over the last 4 years.
Andy Farrell, Wynand Olivier, Ma`a Nonu or Gavin Henson. Pick any one of those four gents! :lol:

OK, on a more serious note, for me it`s got to be Giteau too. And the reason is pretty simple: he`s the best communicator out there. For my money, the 12`s personality has to slightly dominate that of the 10`s, seeing as the 12`s eyes are on the flight of the ball more often than the 10`s. While 10 is watching the flight of delivery from the scrumhalf, your 12 has the opportunity to scan the field. He needs to be able to pick up things like the blindside wing being up, one of the defenders being a slower forward etc, and needs to be able to communicate this through to the 10 clearly. And Gits, being a former 10, knows and understands this perfectly well.

Also, your 12 needs the distribution skills, an excellent pass off both hands and an almost clairvoyant reading of the game. Once again Gits comes out on top.

And on defense, well yes it`s true that Gits isn`t the world`s most physical defender. But once again, defense comes down to reading of the game, and communication. Your 12 has to decide whether to drift, whether to keep the line, or whether to "rush". This is something that Gits is particularly good at.

As for the rest, I really also rate Jaunzion and D`Arcy, while Contepomi is pretty handy too. But please gents, what the hell is McAllister`s name doing here? Personally, I call him the butcher. Because of the amount of try-scoring opportunities he butchers with his "clever" little grubbers etc.
McAllister will be forgotten in 2 years. Leaving NZ at 24?

has he admitted to himself that he will not improve now?

Not a finnished article, and now never will be. That 'drop goal' v France is an example of that
henson in his prime is better than giteau
so is jauzion
mike catt is pretty good but getting old
Felipe Contepomi [/b]

I say again. Felipe Contepomi. On current form he's the only choice.

D'Arcy, Jauzion, Giteau, McAllister etc. None of em performed when it really mattered.
backs can't perform behind packs going backwards, that certainly explains a lot why D'Arcy and Giteau weren't on top form during the world cup, as for Jauzion he didn't play enough to be judged on this world cup so McAlister is the only one who can be really dismissed from this one imo.

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