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McGrath to retire after World Cup


An Tarbh

Following the anouncement of the retirement of Shane Warne earlier in the week, Glenn McGrath has followed suit in announcing that he's going to retire from international cricket after the world cup. The 5th Ashes test in Sydney, his home ground, will be his last hurrah in the test arena.

So who else in this Australia squad will be next???
If I were Australia, I'd be sining a modified version of the Dad's Army theme...

"Who do you think you are kidding Mr England, if you think olde Australias done!"

Even if the first Australian team retired tomorrow, I bet they still have enough talent left in the tank for another legendary team. I wouldn't write them off just yet on that note ^^;
Good call by McGrath to go at the top of his powers. 500+ test wickets, a couple of world cups, and 150 Ashes wickets- what more could one ask for?

Anyway, with Johnson and Bracken, amongst others, waiting in the wings, I doudt whether his retirement will really weaken the Aussie team. And then there`s Stuart Clark, the McGrath clone also.
True and who would bet against him going out with a third world cup as well.

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