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Me > Paul Honiss?



Ok, firstly I don't seriously think I come anywhere near Paul Honiss in terms of refereeing skill, but I found it interesting looking at the appointments for the Waikato Rugby Referee Association this weekend. I've got Hamilton Boys High School 3rd XV v St Peters 1st XV, and the game prior to mine is HBHS U14 v St Johns U14, refereed by Paul Honiss.

I'll see if he's keen to stick around and run touch for me, haha.

(BTW For those that don't know, as far as I'm aware Paul Honiss injured himself at the start of the season and hasn't been doing S14, he is a member of the WRRA (same refereee association as me) and referees the odd game here and there. He is also the most-capped international referee).


Oh my god it's JJ... I thought you got nabbed during that P-Lab bust in Waihi a couple of years back.

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