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Discussion in 'General Gaming Chat' started by esoj, Feb 8, 2008.

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    medal of honor heroes 2 was going to be a must buy for me and many others with wii's in aus/nz, that is until EA decied to remove all the multiplayer out of the game. The game was advertised like crazy to support 32 player online and was going to be on dedicated servers too which combined with the best wii controls for an fps was going to be the online game everyone was going to buy. for some crazy reason EA have decided to cut out all multiplayer for the aus/nz version of the game. Importing the Uk version may be an option but I don't know since most likely would only be able to connect to uk servers or perhaps an outside chance at US servers. The game runs on dedicated servers too I believe so you can't set up your own server and play peer 2 peer and even if you could with the crap internet connections in aus/nz it would be well short of the 32 player online on the dedicated servers.

    not happy at all about this. I am hoping like mad that this is somehow a bizzare screw up by EA but it isn't looking to good now. I love my wii but decisions like this towards the market down here leave a very bitter taste in the mouth. Perhaps I will end up with a second console after all.
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