Meli owns Widnes

Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by St Helens RLFC, Jan 30, 2006.

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  2. he will do well over there...

    slow az acceleration on counter attacks and scramble defence but against any defence he can knock out any player at any given time

    he is one of the most damaging tacklers in rugby league...(what was that wesser?..what was that tate?..nothing..just look at the stars coz you got owned)..

    i miss the 2003 meli when he destroyed any opposing winger for the warriors..and then drifted away slowly in 04 and finally in 05..i hope he returns to his top form..we need more depth in the kiwiz in the backline
  3. Wally

    Wally Guest

    There is no way Meli is anywhere near the player that Wesser and Tate are..
  4. did i say he was?...he knocked out both of them wit his hammer shoulder charges..

    he owns tate whenever they play against each other,hes run thru tate,smacked em over and i remember in 03 when he put tate in the hospital for concussion..becoz i was RIGHT THERE witnessing his sorry ass get carried off to the ambulance

    also that wesser one was illegal(late tackle)...but wesser was knocked out for like 10minutes..poor sod

    meli will be doin sum more crunching hits in the sl..he will be one to watch especially under daniel anderson as they had great chemistry when they worked together at the warriors...
  5. I'd love the 2003 Meli, he carved up the NRL. I know Dan Anderson got the best out of him, I just hope he can do the same again. An on song Franny Meli is as important to the team as the pacy winger that was Darren Albert.

    The winner of Sonny Bill Williams vs Franny Meli in a shoulder charge?
  6. sonny bill williams by a mile..

    meli is the blindshot/spot tackle specialist...70% of melis charges are pulled off becoz of his timing and the suprise factor...when he hits you he hits you hard...and some players dont ever see it coming even tho they expect it

    sonny bill..just smashes anyone who runs straight towards him...meli is a backline player and he knocks out wingers and centres,sonny bill hammers the big boys and does it frequently..the infamous mash up of joel clinton and the smackdown he layed on frank dont get bigger than that

    also went overseas and smacked some those british guys up...poor poor marcus bai..also introduced clinton toopi to his shoulder and clinton doesnt want to date that shoulder ever again

    sonny bill is programmed to smash anything that runs towards him from an opposing side...including players,there waterboys,side line management,opposing teams fans,mini vans,rocket ships...throw it at em and he will give it go

    sad thing is he is very injury prone and the more hard work he does the more wear n tear it has on his body...
    we havent seen the best of him yet
  7. Otara

    Otara Guest

    Yea SB is a great tackler...if he can get on the field...

    All i can remember of 2003 Meli is 5 tries against the Dogs in the finals and not to mention some great games against great opponents...Broncos

  8. umosay

    umosay Guest

    Last time i checked Wesser was a FB and Tate is a (injured) Centre.

    Too bad he couldn't handle Vatuvei in the TN final.
  9. Wally

    Wally Guest

    Since when did you have to play the same position in the backline to be able to compare players? Besides, all three players have played wing at some stage in their careers.

    And what's a TN final?
  10. Umm.... Marcus Bai is from down your way.... but that was the biggest shoulder charge I've ever seen!
  11. Gay-Guy

    Gay-Guy Guest

    But Meli paid a price with his hits. Lots of tries were scored on his wing when he chose to come in for the hit on the centre and leave his man unmarked. A smarter winger would have drifted out and trusted their insides to get thier men while he stayed on his man.

    An even smarter winger knows exactly when to leave the wing and come in and when to drift out. Unfortunately those wingers played for teams against the Warriors.

    So our defence was better in the tri nations. Our new wings were defending a little bit smarter than Meli. Their best effort where they got their decisions right was the TN final.

    Lest we forget.....24 - 0
  12. I have heard such worrying things about his defence.
  13. well in 2003 with daniel anderson in full control..there was no problem

    well if you have great centres and an even better coverage fullback like ivan cleary than you will get the guds from letting him do hes thang
  14. We've got the best full back in Super League, and Jamie Lyon as well as Willie Talau...
  15. Gay-Guy

    Gay-Guy Guest

    But with Meli you need a team type of a centre on defence who will talk to him and tell him when to stay out. I think he and Toopi were too freindly too each ither a lot.....Toopi should have been screaming at him and swearing for him to stay out sometimes.

    However in fairness to Meli a lot of times it was Toopi's fault on defence back in their bad days. Cos Jones would struggle (being so small) and Toopi was struggling (he wa still learning tackling) Meli wold be left with these 3 on 1 overlaps.

    When the trust has gone everything starts to go downhill
  16. wigan_rlfc

    wigan_rlfc Guest

    Who was totally burned off by Ali Lauititi. You can't beat Radlinski on top-form (as far as fullbacks go).
  17. Kris "overrated ginger tosser" Radlinski is 3 years past his prime. When was the last time, indeed, that we saw "the fully fit Kris Radlinski"? Pace isn't everything - it helps certainly, but I don't think there is a full back in the world with positional sense as good as Paul Wellens.

    And before you Aussies type up a fuss - I don't think that Minichello's positional sense is anything special. It's actually very ordinary. But his pace and strength means that it's never exploited.

    Radlinski's one on one tackling as at best average, at worst an absolute disgrace. He's not called "The Ginger Doormat" for no reason. He's another one with inadequate sense of positioning, and he DOES get caught out. Don't get me wrong, he's good, but he is nothing like as good as he used to be and he never will be again.

    Wellens > Radlinski
  18. wigan_rlfc

    wigan_rlfc Guest

    Do you really think that Radlinski would have lasted so long as Wigan and GB first choice if his tackling was average at best?
  19. minichello > super league

  20. Wally

    Wally Guest

    What are you talking about Helen? Minichello's posi sense is outstanding. You don't see the bloke take too many pills on the bounce.
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