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Member of the Month



We have started a member of the month section...

With the first interview being Teh Mite, you can find the interview in the Portal, if you look in the navigation box you will see Member of the Month, just above air bens weekly video, I will be looking for a new member for August, so get you applications in.

Keep an Eye out on the Navigation box for Further articles...
well i have already been asked by someone but I think it would good or we could just have the Staff Interviews...
That Teh Mite fella is so hot right now. What a set of tonsils. He's hotter than a fire-cracker!
Originally posted by woosaah@Jul 27 2006, 03:37 AM
right good one!!!

ill be keen for staff interviews :)
It should be Staff Member of the Month then, shouldn't it?
Agreed. Let's have a volunteer from the members. Getofmeland wants to hear from you I'm sure.

So, maybe get in touch with him and tell him your life story. I'm sure he'll be glad to hear from you!!! :p

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