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Michalak place



What place is the better for michalak 10 ??? 9 ???? 15 ????
Laporte have proprosed the solution ...michalak 15
what do you think about it
hes the ian harte of rugby bags of ability but cant find a position that suits him properly (btw im not saying ian harte was world class just that he suffered from the same problem)
I'd really like to seem him play #15 at international level!

For some reason he comes across as a bit of a Latham, I don't have any idea why, but he just does.
I say 10 because of the way he delivers the ball to backs.
Precise passing and very good combination with Jauzion.
Best place is 10 because he's a creative player, good tackler, and he feels the game.
Yachvili and Michalak could work well at 9 and 10 (respectively) as Yachvili is a good enough place kicker to take the job from Michalak. That would leave him free to work his creative magic. Unfortunately I don't think Yachvili made the French squad. Does anybody know if he's injured?