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Discussion in 'The Rugby Championship 2019' started by easy2288, Aug 13, 2016.

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    I am looking forward to next week match in Sydney. I am eager to see how much Wallabies will benefit Mike Bryne coaching skills.

    Hansen said “He’s told me he’s not going to talk about the All Blacks. He’s a good man, I trust his character and wish him all the best and we’ll have a bit of fun when we catch up.â€

    I cannot imagine how Mike Bryne is able classified his knowledge on ABs what is secrets and what is not. I believe during his time with ABs; he has gained and made lots of knowledge on ABs from his own observations. So can we classified this as secrets?

    I am particular interested to see how the wallabies played after the first half team talk.
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    Does not really matter what he does or does not know, the AB's real "secret" is the incredible depth and supply of top quality players which no other country has!!
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