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Millenium Magic Weekend.



Ok, so I'm a total rookie to the old game of league, so I'm looking for help.

On the first weekend of May a whole bunch of the Super League sides are going to be playing each other in a mass brawl (why not) with 6 games spanning over 2 days...which will no doubt ruin the pitch in the stadium coz it's shite and can barely cope with just 2 games as it is! Let alone 6.

Anyway, I don't want to be going into those games in a fortnight's time knowing NOTHING about the clubs, so i was wondering if you folks could help me out (I'm sure GETOFMELAND and SAINTSFANWEBBY would appreciate such an introduction, also).
All i'm looking at is the basics that will help.
Who are the good teams; what have they achieved; where do they lie in the league right now; which teams have certain players i should look out for; who are the favourites for the matches, etc.

So the teams are:

St. Helens
Wigan Warriors

Bradford Bulls
Leeds Rhinos

Hull FC
Hull KR

Warrington Wolves
Salford City Reds

Huddersfield Giants
Wakefield Cats

Catalan Dragons
Harlequins CL

You don't have to write about them all, just something about one team, so i can do a little bit of reading and know what, or whom, to expect.

I am going to write a Millennium Magic preview and I can cover basics for you as well.
They have tried to make the main deby teams play each other, but because of multiple division that can't happen. Thats why Warrington are playing Salford, not Widnes and Swinton respectivley, plus, I know its hard to believe, but Quins and Catalans aren't an historic derby. Leeds have recently been pitted against Bradford in the derbs but originally Leeds' main local rivalry was Castleford, and Bradford, well I suppose Keighley. Plus, Wakey's main traditional rival was probably either Castleford or Featherstone, and Hudds, most likely Halifax. However many of these teams aren't in the Superleague.
It's not the perfect scenario. They have the closest derby that they can possibly have for each match.
I must admit I would like an insight to this, being a newbee to Rugby League...

I have watched the odd game on the tele but this is different...
I do hope it becomes a regular thing tbh as I am really looking forward to it... and it will increase the popularity of the game as well
Here's a question or two:

I have decided to pick Harlequins as my adopted team for the day, seeing as they are the only Southern English team competing.

1) Why did they change from being the London Broncos? Was it purely financial, or were there more complex reasons?

2) Who should I be looking out for? Is Henry Paul still playing for them, and is he once again more successful than he was in Union?
I am not sure who I am going to support..

I was thinking Wigan to **** Dan off especially if the Saints get beaten...

but I think I will go with the team I have watched the most on tele and thats St Helens!!!
I like the sound of Wakefield Cats.
It's as if they couldn't come up with a better name for themselves.
"Alright, Chuck. Wakefield need a name. A good name for are rwbee team. Give us some top animals we could use, like!"
And somehow a cat got mentioned brilliant.
So that's my choice.

I have also chosen my natural enemies for the day as being Warrington Wolves. Day in, day out, 5 days a week for the past 3 months (ish) i've had the sickening colours and unflattering style shirt that is Warrington Wolves.
I will jeer these ******** for playing in such horrific colours.

That was my attempt at typing out a north english accent, btw.
Well I am very mixed up in who I should support...

As My Dad is from Wakefield, most of my dad's side of the family is Leeds/Wakefield... so I am kinda pulled that way...

And then my glory hunting side comes out and says the Champions of the World St Helens...

To help me decide I may set up a poll...
Glory hunt all you want.
I too shall be supporting St.Helens but that's only coz Dan is a bigger lad than i, and i don't want to have to sleep with one eye open.

I do however, for some strange reason have a hatred towards Liverpool F.C. It's a random hatred, i know, but at least that won't cause me any trouble. I mean, why would it?
Ive had a few brief snippets here and there, but i'm really clueless towards all the teams still.

God, how i wish i'd watch "Boots'n'all" once in a while when i lived back at home with the parents who had sky.

It is "Boots'n'all" that programme's called, isn't it?
Anywhere i can watch that programme?
A recent version?
That's a great online service. Why they don't do that with The Rugby Club I'm not sure. Or mabye they do and I'm missing something.

May have to pick Leeds as my second team, purely for the Brent Webb factor.
That is quality.
And like Tim says, if only the rugby club offered the same that would be great.
Cheers Dan.

By the way, has Paul Cooke been confirmed to play for in the Hull derby match next weekend?

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