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Millennium Magic 2008


St Helens RLFC

I am starting this thread (very) early as this year, I have a sneaking feeling that there are going to be more than 4 people. I can already think of one addition in Teh Mite.

I think now is the time to start planning for this fantastic occasion.
I am so there. So there it hurts.

This is going to be the greatest weekend of the participent's lives. I can see it already.
If it is even half as good as last time it will be uber quality. Just trying to establish numbers etc as if there are lots of us we will need to make alternative arrangements as we quite clearly can't all stay at Matt's.

As well as this, I won't be able to pay for all those tickets, people will need to provide the money in advance. As well as this, if there are lots of us we might want to consider a 2 day executive box package when they are brought out. We can always go and sit in the crowd for the Saints vs. Cheats match.
I am there... This weekend was awesome last year, this year its gonna be even better... Also to stur the rumour there may be an American All Star Appearing at this event ;)
Even I'd come out if there was going to be an American All Star present...
See what you can do about it.

I'm all for the exec box if there are enough of us and the prices are right.
I also can't wait for this event, alas i cannot promise that i will be in the country for this.
I am working in america throughout the summer and all i know is that i will be starting in either may or june.

So, i'm not sure what to say about it all.
But if i am gonna be here I could host 4 people, because my flat (a 2 bedroom one) already has 3 residents and i doubt i'll be able to fit any more in here. 8 people here over the space of 3 days will feel very crowded.
Nobody expects anything like that Matt, I think we need to find some alternative accomodation on this occasion. However, we DO need to start doing some organising now. I know we can't bank on you being here (we all hope you are) but the rest of us need to get cracking.
However, if I am here I know one person who WON'T be staying in my flat:


Last time i woke up with a spinning head, hazey memory and cold feet was when Pete - for some reason - climed into my bunk and stole half of my duvet!
Not again, young Vine!

Oh, but defo get some info on a hospitality box.
That would be (in the words of either chris or dan doing a cartman impression) "kickass!"

Although, i don't think this weekend is going to be sponsored by Nelson Mandela this time, is it?
Funnily enough, no, becuase i've never had to stay in any.
There are loads of B&B's on the really long road down from my flat, but i'll ask around work tomorrow if they know of any hostels.
There HAVE TO BE some.
Yep just realised there are no free rooms for the weekend :(

Also Tickets are on sell already!
I will look into the executvey stuff now. Tickets won't be a problem, right now I am more concerned about where we are going to stay. I would say that the B+B idea stands out to me. May be a few pounds more expensive like but it's bound to be better than a hostel.

Not that I'm knocking hostels.



Can you hear that noise? It's the wind escaping from my sails...
We'd obviously be looking at the 2 day packages. That's a minimum of £2199. We're going to have to give it a miss and just get our own bit of the stadium.

In fact, that gives me a bit of a cunning plan...
Basically, we use TRF funds to buy a massive, huge flag. We then go and find a quiet corner of the stadium. For 5 of the 6 games, including the Airport main event on Saturday, we unfurl our flag and put it over emptiest seats we can find. Maxium exposure.

And then for the true main event on the Sunday, we up sticks and go and sit with the Saints fans so you can experience the unique rugby league atmosphere!

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