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Mission Impossible 3



Just come back from seeing it, anyone else? What are your thoughts?

Guna bail, late here, but will discuss tomorrow...
I think it's the best one out of all 3 mission impossible movies...
more action, more comedy... combines loadsa missions in one unlike the other ones...
in short:
it's cool...
Haha yep, was plenty of mid-air, gravity defying, stunt midget action...

which made it a pretty good movie actually. Sure over the top stunts, but they were cool. Best out of the 3 movies? Mission Impossible 4 a possibility??
I'll bet that now Holmes has dropped, Cruise ain't Eatin c*** anymore.

Errr... I meant Ethan Hunt...

It'd be like throwing a tennis ball down a hallway with her now... used goods :p
I can't stand the MI films, so lame and false.

You people need to watch proper movies...
there is ntohing wrong with them, if you grew up watching the tv series like i did (watched it all the time with my dad) you apreciate how good the tv series was. The second MI was absolute pass, john wu did an aweful job with all the martial arts they did in it. didnt help that i went to it was my martial arts class!

but i wouldnt mind seeing this movie i like most of tom cruises movies
Does it really matter what you watch as long as its interesting or entertaining?

Can def recommend MI3 woosaah, probably the best of the three so far...
yeah i have to find someone to go with, my gf wont go as its not a chick flick my flatmate might go, who knows
Originally posted by woosaah@May 5 2006, 11:23 AM
yeah i have to find someone to go with, my gf wont go as its not a chick flick my flatmate might go, who knows
Stink fone, I'm lucky my gf is quite the movie fan, so doesn't really matter what it is, within reason she'll see it (didn't really like Hostel tho) :vomit:

You could always just sit up the back in the dark, alone :p
I got sucked in by tarantino's involvement, good ideas, just could've been done a bit better...
well, if ur good lookin enuf go out there and where a shirt with "single n looking" written on it.. works for me.. :p
yeh watched it...awesome film..better then the 2nd but not the first

very enjoyable

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