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Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by DuncTheDoodle, Oct 20, 2009.

  1. Lately, my school side has been struggling to pull together an entire XV. In fact, last week we only had 5 people turn up, which can't be good, as we can't even be entered into a game of 7s. And so the idea is that as of this week, all years are going to be merged into one side, and hope that we can have 15 men turn out.

    This question isn't directly about me, but my 12-year-old brother. If the idea is to fill numbers in, and we didn't have a Scrum-Half, where he plays, I'm scared he'll be targeted during games, as he's a physically small presence, (Certainly both the lightest and shortest, and not particually nippy to make up for it.) and it's not even up to me to defend him, as coming in from Fullback to cover the Scrum-Half in case he gets nailed isn't a particually good idea.

    Any advice as to how I could get round having a family member in A&E, without making someone pull out?
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  3. feicarsinn

    feicarsinn Guest

    This is a bad idea. Seriously it's probably better to have young lads not playing than have them coming up against lads 4-6 years older than them.
  4. g6mcg

    g6mcg Guest

    What age group is the 1st team? U18's?

    At clubs you can only play ione age group above you level - E.G and under 16 could play for the under 17's. I don't think this applies at schools though.

    What level are you playing at? This will sound bad but at my (state) school the level of opposition wasn't too high - so I survived playing 3 years below. As you can't field a team I'm guessing the league should be a fairly low standard (no offense - I'm sure it's higher than ours was!). This doesn't make it much better though if a 12 year old is going to be up against 18 year olds.

    My advice would be don't play more than 3 years below the age group. (And that's stretching it). If you can't form a team within that then don't play - it's too dangerous for the youngsters. You'd be better off trying to recruit other guys that are your age, and pressuring the Head/whoever for rugby to be taken more seriously at the school (i.e teams for each year group, more coaching etc). It wont the current bunch but it's a start.

    If your brother does end up playing get a BIG, SCARY forward to look after him.
  5. Bowerman

    Bowerman Guest

    Personally when i was in high school, the girls team was all ages (grade 9-12)
    And the guys were Junior and Senior, due to general massive size difference between a 14 year old boy, and a 18 year old boy. (although some of those 9th graders were bigger than the 12th graders)

    Anyways, it depends on the age of the other guys he is playing with. If it's 12-15 year old guys - whatever. If it's 16-18 I'd say just plain old don't let him play, that's asking for something to get broken with the description of your brother there. But if it's necessary, make the other team pay hard for even touching him.
  6. Juan VdS

    Juan VdS Guest

    Hmm, that sounds a bit too dangerous mate. Here in Argentina it's a tradition to have 12 year old kids play against 18-19 year old chaps. I've experienced this myself (on the receiving end of the beating) and while it may be a good challenge for kids, it certainly is not healthy.

    I have a 13 year old brother that underwent that initiation last year, and a prop broke his arm and 2 fingers deliberately. The whole XV was targeting him during the aftermath of rucks and in open play. And please consider that my brother was fairly built-up for someone of his age.

    If you don't have a choice, then you can resort to having a forward look after him, as it was said before. Perhaps the eightman would be the best choice.

    Either way, good luck!
  7. Thingimubob

    Thingimubob Guest

    Probably not, what year are you in out of interest? I'm in year 13 atm, so am in my last year of Sixth Form. I play for my school 2nds against 17 and 18 year olds, and our coach would never let a year 7/8 (11/12/13 year olds) play for us as they'd get utterly smashed. The youngest he'd let ply are year 11's (so 15/16 year olds), and if anything, both our 1st team and 2nd team are much better because of the year 11s (a lot of them play age grade rugby for the Blues and stuff). I just couldn;t see a 12 year old playing for us, even the 2nds are playing quality (and not too mention big!) opposition. It's like last week I played against a lump of a centre who s it turns out plays for Wales u18's. A lot of people in my year (inlcuding me) struggled to tackle him, so could see a 12 year old really struggling!
  8. Olyy

    Olyy Guest

    Doesn't sound good, as others have said, the difference in age groups is way bigger at school level, i remember in y7, the sixth formers looked like giants, whereas in my league team at uni we have some players who are mid to late 20s and they don't seem different to anyone else

    Really can't suggest anything, as you said, having a fullback who's trying to protect the 9 isn't the greatest plan for the team =/
    The only thing you could do is make sure he doesn't hold onto the ball for very long, but again, probably a bad idea for the team having the scrum half just chucking the ball as quickly as possible to avoid any contact
  9. Blindside6

    Blindside6 Guest

    If your school has to resort to this to field a team I'd suggest your brother tries to find a local rugby club to play at. In youth rugby the physical gap between lads can be immense as they develop at different rates. Apart from any injury your brother may pick up he possibly won't enjoy being unable to compete on a level playing field with the other players.
  10. The oldest he'll be fielded against is 15, a 3-year age gap. I'm in Year 10, he's a Year 7.

    We're yet to play a game this year, so I'm not too sure of the level of Rugby, but it won't be too high, presumably. It hasn't been in the past. (I once crossed the line twelve times in one game, but began handing out tries to the Front Row after a while. Sorry, I'll stop showing off now.)

    The first mixed-age training sesion is tommorow, so I'll say more as to how he copes then.
  11. feicarsinn

    feicarsinn Guest

    Ah he'll be grand then. Lads don't usually get all muscley till at least 16, cept for your freakishly large lads (there's always one). See how he gets on and make a judgement call. He'll probably grow into it, not physically as such but as in toughen up.
  12. Woldog

    Woldog Guest

    Will be a huge confidence booster for him, I played some games for Seniors this year, and it made me step up.
  13. Blindside6

    Blindside6 Guest

    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (feicarsinn @ Oct 21 2009, 08:28 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}></div>
    I'd still be concerned. My youngest son, he's a scrum half, is 16 and over the last year has put on a stone and a half and not an ounce of that is fat. I've coached his side since they were U11s and when you're holding the rucking pads every year you notice a difference in impact and intensity. 3 years is a big gap at their age.
  14. feicarsinn

    feicarsinn Guest

    Well the 3 year gap would leave him playing 15 year olds, not 16 year olds.There's a guy in my rugby club who played u-16, u-18 and 21s all in the one season. Ok he was a freak manboy but just showing its not impossible to play overage. I'd call 3 years the limit.
  15. g6mcg

    g6mcg Guest

    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (Woldog @ Oct 22 2009, 08:51 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}></div>
    The difference being that you were probably promoted due to ability, and came into the team as the only young player. (Not sure how I've assumed all that)

    This lad is going to be playing because there aren't enough, and it seems he wont be the only underage player.

    On the 3 year age gap I'd say it is a big difference at that age, the oldest are close to being fully developed, the youngest have almost certainly not started. Watch a club team U13's and then the U16's, and I'd say there's a big difference. (Sorry to sound pompous - now is the right time to tell me you coach U12's and U15's :p)
  16. There's a massive lump of a centre, who's in the Leicister Tigers academy, and a prop who'll definatly be steppnig up as well. We've managed to muster two more players back this week from the 14/15 age range, both being loose forwards.

    He seemed to get on fine, but we didn't do much yesterday. I'll see how he copes with mauling next week, and hope he doesn't fall apart.
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