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Mobile gaming thread


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Jun 14, 2016
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A general gaming thread for mobiles games, some of us don't have time to sit and game as much as we used to/like to so what mobile games are you playing and why?

I played Raid shadow legends for ages but had to quit as i got bored, sam with Awaken Chaos Era. Gatcha games are fun for a while.

Tried the MMO's but mostly they are auto play garbage.

And actually enjoying CoD mobile atm.

What do you currently play and what are you looking forward too? And what would you suggest?

Just a general thread for our mobile game needs.
If I have a bit of time I'll play a round of Vampire Survivors. Generally a pretty good pc game that ports over well tomobile, and the devs released it for free because they didn't like all the clones of it getting out.

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